Sunday, 15 June 2008


Disney has some seriously dubious characters, heres an indept look: 9 MOST RACIST DISNEY CHARACTERS

A T-Shirt made entirely from sweaty armpit stains! Ewwww: THE ARMPIT SHIRT

The pen that will always be returned: BORROW MY PEN?

Bierstick Lets You Chug Beer At 1 Can Per Second: BIERSTICK

Pharell designs really weird chair: THE PERSPECTIVE CHAIR

Sesame Street Great Art Parodies: GREAT ART SESAME ST STYLE

Lily McElroy throws herself at men....litterally!: LILY MCELROY

Man charged with assualt with a deadly weapon....for spitting!: CAN SPIT BE A DEADLY WEAPON?

How to use an indian toilet: PLACE FEET FIRMLY ON EACH SIDE

When body buiding and steroids go too far: MAN MOUNTAINS

Edible Chocolate Assholes:EDIBLE ANUS

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