Saturday, 14 June 2008

3 year old Stripper in Training?

Well...this little girl is shaking her butt for the on-lookers, but what really turns my stomach is that they even "make it rain" on her.....this is just so inappropriate, its even difficult to hoping its just a cultural exchange that i don't understand?

Personally i find this video somewhat tragic, but thankfully towards the end it appears that her Father does not approve (why is he the only one?) and puts a stop to the "show".

I bet her mumma bought her these rediculous baby shoes when she was an infant:


(Sadly) Available here: Click! Click! Click!


Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wine Glasses Commit The Seven Deadly Sins!

These red wine glasses are based on the 7 deadly sins. Each glass encapsulates a sin, which is revealed through the ritual of drinking. “The ‘7 Deadly Glasses’ are about celebrating passion and encouraging the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion” The “Seven Deadly Glasses” wineglasses are meant to physically represent each sin.

They come in an oak, velvet and brass case, so expect the price to be pretty sinful too!

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Im loving the concept, the visuals and the designs! What do you think?

By: Kacper Hamilton


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Your slice of pure Ghettoness: Man loses eye after being shot and replaces it with $100,000 DIAMOND!

Donald Pears also known by his stage name "The Last Mr. Bigg" (born 1971) is a rapper. He has released 2 major albums, under the Warlock/PCP Record label. His two albums are his first solo album "Only If U Knew" (the cover of which features Mr. Bigg or another person wearing a hockey mask) in 2000 and his second album "The Mask Is Off" in 2003. The album featured now-infamous rappers such as Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and Lil' Flip. Mr. Bigg has also released "The Clown Show Mixtape." Mr. Bigg was released from prison in 1998.

In 2004, Mr. Bigg was robbed and shot in his right eye while sitting in a car. He now wears a $100,000 diamond in place of his eye!

View his Myspace: Click! Click! Click!


Billionaire Henry T. Nicholas III built 'sex & drugs cave under mansion'

Broadcom co-founder and former CEO Henry T. Nicholas III is not a typical nerd. He’s worth $2 billion dollars, and owns not only a drug warehouse but also an underground sex & drugs den! He’s also been accused of trafficking drugs and apparently slips ecstasy to business associates.

This except from the NY Times was somewhat shocking: "In 2001, Nicholas smoked so much marijuana during a flight on a private jet between Orange County and Las Vegas that the pilot had to put on an oxygen mask, the indictment states."

A Gas Mask?
How does one even smoke that much weed? I’ve seen Snoop Dogg videos where the room is full of smoke but I thought that just must be special effects? I apologise for my naivety. But with that said, fuck a gas mask, just inhale! LOL

More on the story here:
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Monday, 9 June 2008

Amy Winehouse sings racist chant on home video!

I know i can't shock you with the wild and crazy antic of Amy Crackhouse.....but todays home video of Amy singing Racist chants in the midst of a crack binge was just too much for me!

The song, which is reportedly a chant used by Nazi Skinheads - started off with the words, "Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips! ... And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!"

The full report is here: Click! Click! Click!

You can view the video here: Click! Click! Click!

Of course....she later apologised, also on video: Click! Click! Click!


Has Rapper Nas sold himself out?

With his wacky Kanye-esque Photos....a bid to sell more records?

Pictures after the jump!

.....Nas dont even dress like that! smh

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