Friday, 11 April 2008

R-Kelly is rocking GOLD hair - Mid life crisis or fashion statement?


Its the gold rope pigtails that really kill me!


50 Cent and Company sued for being too GANGSTER!

Hip hop mogul 50 Cent, Universal Music Group and several of its record labels were sued on Wednesday for promoting a "gangsta lifestyle" by a 14-year-old boy who says friends of the rapper assaulted him.

The lawsuit filed by James Rosemond and his mother, Cynthia Reed, says Universal Music Group -- owned by Vivendi SA -- and its labels Interscope Records, G-Unit Records and Shady Records, bear responsibility for the assault because they encourage artists to pursue violent, criminal lifestyles.

The lawsuit also names 50 Cent -- whose real name is Curtis Jackson -- Violator Management, Violator CEO Chris Lighty, Tony Yayo, a rapper and a member of 50 Cent's G-Unit hip hop group, and Lowell Fletcher, an employee of Yayo.

All defendants declined to comment.

Rosemond says he was assaulted on a Manhattan sidewalk in March 2007 by four men including Yayo and Fletcher.

The lawsuit claims Rosemond was targeted because he was wearing a T-shirt by Czar Entertainment, a management company that represents The Game. The Game is a former G-Unit rapper who fell out with the group and had become a rival rapper.

In February, Yayo, whose real name is Marvin Bernard, pleaded guilty to harassment and was sentenced to ten days of community service. Fletcher pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and was sentenced to 9 months in jail.

"The members of G-Unit, including defendants Yayo and 50 Cent, encouraged, sanctioned, approved and condoned its members threatening violence, and or engaging in violent acts in furtherance of its business," the lawsuit said.

The attack on Rosemond was intended to "promote and maintain Yayo and 50 Cent's 'gangsta' image," which was "promoted, marketed and advertised" by record labels.

I say no contest - The kid deserved it!! The game is such a lame! LOL

Via: Reuters


Thursday, 10 April 2008

Cat Shit Coffee for £50/$100 a cup!!

A gourmet coffee blended from animal droppings is being sold at a London department store for £50 per cup!

The blend is made from two rare coffee beans and goes by the name of "Cafe Raro"

Jamaican Blue Mountain and the Kopi Luwak bean are used to create Caffe Raro which is thought to be the most expensive cup of coffee in the world.

Kopi Luwak beans are eaten, then passed, by the cat-like Asian palm civet, and sell for £324 a kilogram.

All profits from sales of the coffee at Peter Jones in Sloane Square in April will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Asian palm civets, which live in the foliage of plantations across south-east Asia, are said to pick the best and ripest coffee berries.

Enzymes in their digestive system break down the flesh of the fruit before the animals expel the bean.

The beans are then collected from the plantation floor by workers who wash away the dung and roast them.

David Cooper, who created the blend, said: "These rare coffees have been slowly hand roasted for around 12 minutes to ensure that we maximise the potential of each coffee.

"The final roast colour is quite dark to ensure that the espresso is perfect for a smooth latte or cappuccino."



NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED! - Hanes "F*ggot, N*gger & Pak!*" Ad Campaign

Hanes, the underwear manufacterer has just released a new advertising campaign using the tag line “Because the world gives you enough tags", for thier new line of tagless comfort underwear.

So? Well the ad pictures are controversial to say the least! Using artistic depictions of "F*ggot" "N*gger" and "Pak!" (a demeaning name for people from Pakistan) with slogans and illustrations.
  • In Fagg*t, you see same-sex kissing, debauchery, toys, bottles of wine and references to beauty: lipstick, nail polish and makeup.
  • In Nigg*r, you see drugs, guns, jail cells, low-life jobs like cleaning toilets, and text about being HIV positive.
  • In Pak!, you see tanks, bullets, bombs and pigs (an anti-Islamic reference).

This ad campaign would never be permitting in Europe or the USA but it is up and running in Asia......your thoughts please people!

So would you wear a garment with this type of ad campaign? Would the posters offend you or put you off? Or would you take it all as a pinch of salt and not worry about the controversy? Maybe you would even just buy the underwear BECAUSE of the controvery?


Being of Carribean descent is not easy......

"No problem, cool runnings, Irie" are terms you may have become accustomed to and they have indeed become synonymous with our cousins from the Carribean.

The question is, are things really that care free in the Carribean? Do people really go about their way with a "No problem" attitude? I think you will find not and this next clip (though a parody of the Carribean restaurant experience) is fairly accurate in its perception of the 'shop owner' to 'customer' relationship.

This show was soooo funny man, if they can't put together a new series at least give us some re-runs.....its too funny to be without.


This is my wedding I'll do what I want!

A wedding day.....a beautiful day filled with confessions of eternal love, emotions and general good will. Loads to eat, more to drink and the prospect of meeting someone new! (Outside the bride and groom ofcourse).

9 times out of 10 Weddings are good, but I do hate the standard arrangement of things, the whole evening seems like one big rehearsed act and apart from the decor and the married couples mode of transport there normally isn't much to differentiate one Wedding from another.....that is set to change, watch this video very carefully!

This is how the first dance should be and this fun loving nature should continue thoughout the marriage.....this is sooo I want a wedding now someone get married and invite me please!

I really want to thank my far eastern cousins on this one, you did it BIG!


Micheal Jackson with an Indian twist!

I really love bringing you international acts from the music scene so in keeping with Macedonias Sean Paul, Bad Eastern European music, Jewish Reggae..... and Philipino's on the reggae I bring you.......(drum roll)

Indian Thriller! (MJ's jam)

Never fear there are subtitles so you can catch the flow....

The dance routines are mean.....LMAO


Wednesday, 9 April 2008


There is nothing funnier!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Charlie Murphy's true Hollywood stories.


"Buy another one, you rich mother f&cker!" LMAO gets me everytime...


Ethnic 'Urban' lingo

For a long time slang or 'urban talk' to the uninitated, was a trend started and maintained by a certain class of society. In most cases it would be the youth of the streets that would give birth to new terms for commonly understood priciples, usually to confuse authoritarian figures, and deliver jokes or sinister messages outside the knowledge of the uneducated audience. However, there is a new trend hitting the streets, once scorned the 'foreigner' is now at the forefront of the 'Urban' 'slang' trend, may I introduce to you my favourite slang term of the moment ..........."Myke"

I know it doesn't sound like much right.....but check the meaning and origin and you will laugh Myke

Other comical terms:

P slap

Do a search for yourself.....kill some time


R-Kelly Trapped in the Closet Parody

I think this is just soo bloody hilarious.
Weird Al" Yankovic takes the mick out of R-Kelly's long winded trapped in the closet 12 part hour long song/story.....really funny!

I'm actually crying.....LMAO


The magic cereal that turns you white!!!

Curves cereal helps you fit in with the best of both worlds–racially! You can look slim and become both black AND white at the same time! Be fit and be accepted...only with Curved brand cereal!



Lil Wayne & 50 Cent's new album covers - WTF?

What is this mess? Tattoos on a baby's face? 50 cent The Terminator? WTF are they thinking?


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Philipino's on the Reggae???

In keeping with my previous Reggae orientated post Jewish Reggae.... Allow me to present Kutisbuwaya!
I'm proud of these guys they have done big things. Kutisbuwaya are from the Philippines and are a popular little band, they seem to like to do reggae covers and here is a good collection of their work.

Jacob Miller - Tenament Yard

Ini Kamoze- World of Reggae

Damien 'Jr Gong' Marley - Welcome to Jamrock

What do you think?
If anyone knows what Kutisbuwaya means please let us know!

Actually.....I just realised this post doesn't have a 'Why?'.......oh actually....the lead singer done 3 tracks by 3 different Rastas but yet only wore the wacky hat on the Damien Marley song.....Why? (I think I'm fishing a bit here)


"Sexual Infection" - A parody of Snoop Dogg's hit song by J. Anthony Brown

I absolutly love Snoop Dogg's song "Sexual Eruption"....but these folk have ripped the shit out of it!!! Very funny......

"and dats what you get, for being so cheaaaap, cheaaap, cheaaaaapppp" LMFAO


Lauren is my girl but WTF!!??!!

I love Lauren Hill, I love her music, I love the somewhat horse nature of her voice, I love her word play, I truly love her as an artist. I think "The Miseducation of Lauren" is one of the greatest albums in all mankind, I can still listen to it from start to finish without skipping a single track...... I think she is a marvellous talent and even her recent (fairly recent) MTV Unplugged contribution was brilliant "Jerusalem" being my favourite track (all 8mins of it). So it troubles me to post this particular post, but I have to, because the question WHY? still persists.

There has been talk of Lauren not being psychologically stable (nonsense), she is a human like us all and we all have issues in our lives, she is just unfortunate enough to have made one of the greatest albums ever known and consequently been plagued with the expectation of an equal or better sequal. Don't worry about the world home girl do you!

What you are about to see will make some laugh, others cry and others just say "What the Funk"

I am one for the 'Eccletic' style and I think André 3000 pulls it off the best at the moment, what Lauren has done here has me shaking my head....if anyone has the full story behind her chosen attire and make up, please post in comments.....thanks.

Lauren do your thing!


Snoop Dogg Says Barack Obama is receiving money from the Klu Klux Klan!!!

Our favourite dogfather recently had an interview with British newspaper THE GUARDIAN in which he makes outlandish claims that Presidential candidate Barack Obama has been receiving money from the Klu Klux Klan. Snoop states:

“The KKK gave Obama money. They was one of his biggest supporters… The media won’t tell you that. They don’t want you to know that. They just want you to know that this nigger befriended this other nigger who be threatening your values. But we all know all presidents lie to get into fucking office. That’s they fucking job.”

“In America’s eyes, that muthafucker’s gonna be president ’cause [John] McCain can’t fuck with him. Hillary [Clinton] can’t fuck with him. He’s winning over white people, white ladies.”

What id really like to know is who is Snoop's source of information? How and why does he feel in a position to make such claims? But In the end Snoop is not a reporter or a political analyst, he’s a rapper and his opinions on candidates don’t or shouldn’t matter to everyone else voting. Personally i just think he should shut up about Obama and sing some "sexual seduction" down the telephone to


Monday, 7 April 2008

Not Hollywood, Not Bollywood...but .....Nollywood?

The power of Nollywood and what it has taught us.

I'm sure you are all familiar with Nollywood? You ought to be, it is one of the fastest growing film industries on the planet, currently worth $236 Million and has taken an interesting host of people by storm (Jamaicans love Nollywood movies).

Nollywood is the name given to the Nigerian movie industry, yes I have questioned the name myself as I did laugh a perfuse amount at the "Bollywood" title when that first came to light. I was disappointed to a degree also, all the Nigerians I know and have heard of are always soooo.....resourceful and inevitive, so naturally I thought they would have come up with something better than "Nollywood", alas, thats what they've used and its stuck.

So what is a Nollywood movie and how does it differ from Hollywood and indeed Bollywood.....well there is only really one word I can use to give you and idea....'reality'. Not 'Big Brother' type reality show stuff, but Nigerian reality, you may wonder what is so special about Nigerian reality and how does it differ from your reality, after all we all live on the same planet right......?.......WRONG!

Nowhere in the world will you see a man on a moped carrying a coffin......
Nowhere in the world will you see someone buy a perfectly conditioned car and throw acid on it so people don't know he has money......
Nowhere in the world will you see a haulage lorry carrying 4times its recommend load.....
Nowhere in the world will you see a car with its number plate etched into every panel that can be removed (door handles, wing mirrors, centre console).....

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is Nigerian reality!'ve never seen a Nollywood film and want to know what to expect?

There are categories ofcourse:

1. Comedy - Yes despite the universally sturn face of the Nigerian, they are extremely comical and can see the funny side to some of average Nigerians unorthadox practices

2. Romance - Not in the same way you might be used to it in Hollywood, no sex scenes in Nigerian films......but inuendo's galore!

3. Superstition - One of Nigeria's favourite past times, black magic or Juju as its locally known is a big part of the Nollywood industry and tho has its own category exists in all the other categories of film mentioned.

4. Sci-Fi - this has no place in Nollywood cos it has no place in Nigerian 'Reality'.

5. Pornography - This is an elusive genre, we know it exists, but its hard to find evidence, I've only ever seen "Ikebe Super" and that is just a magazine.

6. True stories - Have you not been reading, all Nollywood films feature Nigerian 'Reality'.

As mentioned in 3. Superstition crosses all movie genre in Nigeria, but religion (prodominantly Christianity) is also very much in there.....I am yet to see a film without the word Jesus being mentioned at least once ("Kai.....Jesus....can you imagine")

Anyway I'm babbling, what has Nollywood films taught us?....

1. With a pastor ... all things are possible.
2. Every problem you have is spiritual.
3. There is never an end to suffering .....except death
4. The best way to make money is by visiting a 'Babalawo' / joining a cult/ sleeping with rich men.
5. One of a pair of twins (identical or not) is born evil.
6. In every romance movie, someone must die.
7. Sometimes the title has absolutely nothing to do with the movie and
other times, once you read the title and see the poster you know it all!!!
8. The police are extremely 'efficient' unlike their counterparts in real life.
9. The bad guy always dies or gets caught by none other than the police.
10. No matter the type of movie the closing words are almost always...TO GOD BE THE GLORY

I'm not quite sure why I decided to add this article.....maybe that is the 'Why' in itself....?

Here is a sample of a Nollywood movie of the comedy variety .....sit watch and laugh!

'''Movie Titled: Osuofia in London'''

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