Saturday, 10 May 2008

The most dangerous beach in the world! ideal holiday is sun, sea and sand.....or SSS as we like to say. In keeping with the SSS moto there are a number of places in the world I can choose to indulge in. Ofcourse there are the places that require extra caution (Austrailia, ever noticed how almost every bite no matter how big or small can kill you in Austrailia?) so we can possibly knock them off the list. Now I don't know about you but I don't mind being under threat by nature, after all it was here first, but when your means of getting to a country is your own biggest threat that is a problem.

Confused, don't quite understand the spiel above? Hit 'Read More', then it will start to make more sense.

Yeah I know, I thought the same thing you just did......."They must be doctered" right? Thats why I got this live footage......WTF ladies and gentlemen WTF!!

Yes that was a 747 flying past your face!!! WTF!!!

This accident waiting to happen is in/on St Maarteen (Carribean Island, ruled by the Dutch) the airport is called Princess Juliana....


Friday, 9 May 2008


We all have hopes of "going out in style", well at least i know i do. But how outlandish would you go with a coffin? Here we have a collection of the craziest coffins around........

And yes there is a computer and a LCD screen built into the above coffin....just in case you need to check your emails in the afterlife......

Yes these really are all coffins!

Death by cigarettes? Well this would be just perfect!

"Just throw me in a skip when i die"

For the handbag lovers

The Tommy Hilfiger Casket......I wonder if they cleared it with Tommy? What with copywrite laws and all....LOL

You can view the zany "hand made in Ghana" Coffins here:Click! Click! Click!

For more crazy coffins click here:Click! Click! Click!

And while we are on the sordid subject of coffins, you can plan your death date using the death calulator:Click! Click! Click!


Thursday, 8 May 2008

*WARNING* - GRAPHIC! A womans guide to taking a shit at her Man's House

Alexyss K Tylor gives a well needed lesson in taking a shit at your mans house. I know there are loads of women out there "backing their shit up" when they visit thier mans house (not me of course! LOL)........

Click on read more to hear Alexyss's words of wisdom - BUT BE WARNED! You probably haven't heard such a graphic commentary in your ENTIRE LIFE!

I CANT WAIT TO HEAR YOU GUYS COMMENTS ON THIS! - to shit or not to shit....that is the question?!?!?!

Over at blogxilla they have compiled a quick guide to go along with the video, you can check it out here: Click! Click! Click!


Juror on Marijuana case takes law into her own hands

49-year-old Cornelia Turner Mayo was fulfilling her civic duty by taking part in jury duty in Houston, Texas. Cornelia was one of the 20 prospective jurors in a marijuana possession trial. During jury selection, a 45-minute break was called. When the 45 minute break was up, Cornelia was the only one to not return to the courtroom.

The judge in the case was about to issue a bench warrant when he received a call that Cornelia was arrested right outside the criminal courthouse. Cornelia was arrested for smoking a joint. All that talk about weed probably gave her a major craving.

The judge told The Houston Chronicle, "I've had prospective jurors get lost before, but it never occurred to me that they might be getting ready for a marijuana trial by, allegedly, smoking marijuana."

The former juror was charged with possession of marijuana. Ms Mayo remained in the Harris County Jail on a $500 bail Tuesday night and could not be reached for comment.

For her sake I hope she was puffing on high-grade weed and not some crappy home grown.........



DMX Arrested for Speeding

"So what" i hear you say.....just bare with me, shortly you will understand why i have posted this.....


i digress....

Heres the story

DMX was arrested earlier today (May 7) on suspicion of driving at speeds exceeding 100mph on Loop 101 through Scottsdale.

On January 21, X was photographed driving at a speed of 100 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone.

Police arrested DMX at his home in Cave Creek and charged him with racing on a highway, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment, three counts of criminal speed and driving with a suspended license.

ie: X is in deep shit

But thats not the thing.....

The thing is....HIS CAR!

Im not going to say anything......Just have a look for yourself and hold onto your sides and try not to die laughing...........


Want more DMX Tomfollery? Click! Click! Click!

I almost forgot to add the Police mugshot!



Great ways to put on your Jeans!

Ever woken up and said to yourself "I'm going to do a back flip off of a see-saw into my jeans"? Me neither. But this guy has with a little help from his friends.....


You talk too much, you're just a big mouth

Have you ever been called a 'big mouth'....??? If you have and your not this guy.....tell them (whoever 'they'are) to take a running jump because your mouth may never be this big.......

He could eat your entire face!


Explore the science of a BitchSlap!

This post has a special place in my heart and is dedicated to all those who were born in the 80's and before, it celebrates a time old tradition that cannot be appreciated today due to all the PC and 'Socially responsable' behaviour we are all expected to adhere to.

Ladies and gentle I bring you the BitchSlap! The beauty lies in the scientific explanation behind one of lives most exciting 'special' moves. You see the BitchSlap is not just an assault, its an assault that is not questioned or second guess, it makes a point without saying a word, it ends arguements. The BitchSlap is the full stop of physical assaults......anyway enough rambling watch and enjoy.

The way the skin moves in reaction to the slap is priceless!


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Ever wondered what Amy's hair really looks like?

Its a shame I'm posting about Amy twice in 1 day with nothing good to say........trully saddens me.....ok I'm over it.

Feast your eyes on Amy's real bonnet

Yes this is the same place outside the studio!

Keep the Amy flow on?
Amy fashion?
Amy baby sits
Amy cut-eye of death
Amy skin care required?


I dont want a Chanel Perfume!! Get me the Chanel Rocket Launcher!!

So its your birthday...bored of getting perfume and bath stuff?? Well heres something rather different that will still cater to your designer tastes!


And if these dont float your about a Louis Vuitton Chainsaw to erm...hack away at something with?

Source: DVICE


Weird Website - MANBABIES

How weird does this look? The father's head has been super-imposed onto the babies body and vice versa......I guess its cool but frigging ODD!! This site is dedicated to these flicks........

More pics after the jump!

Website Link: MANBABIES


I love Amy...but now even I'm mystified!

Amy Winehouse is musical genius.....its hard to argue that, I know some will disagree and say something like "She's only done 2 albums" yada yada.....but lets face it, homegirl had the attention of all the 'who's who' in the music industry. Until....certain mis-behaviours.

Any hoot......homegirl has been caught out and about and let me say this now I'm no fashion icon, but even I know that this is NOT eclectic.....

Picture under 'Read more'

These pictures were taken (May 6th, I'm so on point) as Amy and friends waited for a pizza delivery outside a recording studio in Henley. I don't know about you, but the most exciting thing about these photos is the fact that she is outside a studio, which means chances are she's been recording, which get the picture!

Amy take drugs by all means......but keep the music coming....please....otherwise I can't defend you and you become 'just another victim'.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Daily dose of PURE GHETTONESS! 50 cent's chain snatched in Africa!! & Riding the subway Hood Rat style

During 50 Cent's current tour of Africa, a fan jumped on stage and snatched a diamond chain from the singers neck before escaping on foot from the concert venue in Angola.

According to MTV, the fan grabbed the diamond encrusted necklace from the 'In Da Club' singer, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, mid-song during a G-Unit show.

Video of the WHOLE INCIDENT (+more) after the jump.............

On 50's personal website, a statement said: "Recently 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were performing in Angola, Africa. Being that security was limited fans were able to interact with the group on stage."

"However one fan had a different motive and bit off more than he can chew, as he attempted to run up on 50 and snatch his chain."

(The chain goes at about 1:40)

The guy that snatched 50's chain escaped for a short time but was turned in by his parents... Ain't that a bitch!!!

The man accused of snatching 50 Cent’s chain while on stage was arrested by the Police in Angola. 50 Cent was performing at the Cidadela Pavilion in Luanda.

Carlos Mota, Police Superintendent, said that officials apprehended Bruno Carvalho, the man who jumped on stage during a G Unit performance and snatched 50 Cent’s diamond chain.

The Angola Press said that Carvalho was handed over to authorities by his parents on May 4 after footage of the chain snatching spread over the internet.

Carvalho is going to face criminal charges for his role in the robbery during the International Peace Festival. (link)

Now for some more rediculous "Hood" behaviour.......i dont have any words for the following video filmed on the Atlanta Subway....can someone kindly explain it to me??

This crazy chick has been arrested....

See Highbrid Nation for the full details: Click! Click! Click!


R Kelly takes his Hair Braiding REALLY SERIOUSLY!

To coincide with his single “Hair Braider,” R.Kelly has created a website dedicated to fans who want to showcase their braid designs.

OMG! This shit is so 1997!

.......Viewers can rate the coif creations from “straight back wack” to “lookin’ like spaghetti.”

I have no words for this...........


Seriously Creepy Playgrounds!

These pictures are of nightmarish playgrounds from the former USSR.

Many of the statues and contraptions still exist in Russia and the Ukraine. Below are just some pictures of more creepy shit like an evil nurse, an impaled Baba Yaga, a stuffed animal nailed to a tree and decapitated monkey heads - Kids played on everything from a dead rat to a horse hung man.


Click here to see LOADS more.


Weird Website - Tampon Crafts.........

I saw this site and seriously....WTF???

You read the title correctly, this site creates "craft" items out of TAMPONS!

Their tagline is: "for anytime of the month".......bletch

Click read more for pics ....if you can stomach it!

Wait for it......the next "craft" item is just SICK!

"Bleeding Heart Earrings"


Monday, 5 May 2008

This could just be the best invention ever!!!!

Lord knows there have been many many many inventions offered to the world, some useful, some expensive and some.....WTF???

This gem below is a seriously exciting little number and I have now decided that I NEED it in my did I live without it????

Please watch the video to the end....I can't believe my life was so incomplete up until this point.
Hit 'Read More' you owe it to yourself.

I know....I know exactly how you MUST have it also right?

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