Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I love Amy...but now even I'm mystified!

Amy Winehouse is musical genius.....its hard to argue that, I know some will disagree and say something like "She's only done 2 albums" yada yada.....but lets face it, homegirl had the attention of all the 'who's who' in the music industry. Until....certain mis-behaviours.

Any hoot......homegirl has been caught out and about and let me say this now I'm no fashion icon, but even I know that this is NOT eclectic.....

Picture under 'Read more'

These pictures were taken (May 6th, I'm so on point) as Amy and friends waited for a pizza delivery outside a recording studio in Henley. I don't know about you, but the most exciting thing about these photos is the fact that she is outside a studio, which means chances are she's been recording, which get the picture!

Amy take drugs by all means......but keep the music coming....please....otherwise I can't defend you and you become 'just another victim'.

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