Thursday, 24 July 2008

Italians Sunbathe on a beach with CHILDREN'S DEAD BODIES just metres away!!

The bodies of two drowned Roma children lie covered by towels on an Italian beach while holidaymakers carry on unfazed enjoying the sun.

Many Italians have such a deep-rooted dislike of the Roma, not even death fazes them.

Their bodies were left on the beach for an hour before being collected, just covered by a beach towel while people just got back to sunbathing and playing football.

A Naples coastguard spokesman said: "From what we have established these children had come from a camp at Giuliano near Naples on a train and had at first begged by the station."

Then they moved onto the beach and were selling trinkets and begging and as with all children they were drawn to the water but sadly two of them drowned.

"I need to work on my tan....f*ck the dead children!"....?????

From: Mail on Sunday


Totally Wierd & Wacky Cakes!

Read on for more pics.....

What hideous cakes! I would be distraught if i was presented with any of these! (especially the first one...OMG!)

Found at: Cake Wrecks


Blatant Racism towards Obama Broadcast live on CNN!

"I just don't know if I can see a black man making a change. Only black man I ever seen with change had a cup in his hand."

I have no words for this......


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Frantic rescue effort to save baby......but it is actually just a DOLL!

Ever seen those creepy, life-like "reborn" dolls? Well, here's how real they look:

A police officer in Queensland, Australia smashed a car window to rescue a baby he thought was unconscious inside. And this is not an isolated incident. It's happened in the USA, too!

These £500/$1000 and up babies are "even weighted to feel like a baby's weight and they flop like a baby" "you can add breathing mechanisms and even a heartbeat!" says a doll designer.

Click to watch how these spooky things are made: Click! Click! Click!

Would you own one of these dolls? Why?


Wearing saggy pants in Flint Detroit? YOU'RE GOING STRAIGHT TO JAIL!

Police in Flint, Detroit have started a crack down on "offensive" saggy jeans and trousers.

Flint residents now have to watch their butts because Police Chief David Dicks is on the lookout.

Dicks, who took over the department last month on an interim basis, announced that his officers would start arresting people wearing saggy pants that expose skivvies, boxer shorts or bare bottoms.

"Some people call it a fad," Dicks told the Free Press this week while patrolling the streets of Flint. "But I believe it's a national nuisance. It is indecent and thus it is indecent exposure, which has been on the books for years."

Personally, I think they should crack down on the "skinny" jeans that alot of guys are wearing these days, i find those far more offensive to the eye......

Hit read more to discover how much time you could get, IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW LOW THE "SAG" IS!! (LOL)


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Totally Bizarre Chinese Amusement Park.....WTF?

Haw Par Villa, a Chinese mythological theme park located in Singapore, is famous for its “beyond your wildest imagination” statues, sculptures, and exhibits......

Hit Read more for the pics......

Now if your freaked out...imagine how a five year old would feel visiting this place....gees


Seattle's Filthy, Prostitute & Junkie Ridden Automated Public Toilets Now Available on eBay

After spending $5 million of the city's tax dollars on high-tech, self-cleaning public toilets and then watching them quickly devolve into disgusting havens for just about every urban deviance imaginable, the city of Seattle is trying to cut their losses by selling all five of them on eBay, where they can be yours for $89,000 each, discarded crack pipes not included......


“I’m not going to lie: I used to smoke crack in there,” said one homeless woman, Veronyka Cordner, nodding toward the toilet behind Pike Place Market. “But I won’t even go inside that thing now. It’s disgusting.”

Ebay Auction Link: Click! Click! Click!


The case of the disappearing Black Man on Prince Williams’s boat!

In the news recently there was a report about (our future king) Prince William foiling drug smugglers in the Caribbean.....

British newspapers, The Metro and The Sun both ran the story and (sort of) used the same pics...

But check out this charming piece of ethnic cleansing by The Sun!

Now tell this laughable? or something far more sinister? What was the motive for cropping out "the rasta at the back"?

Via: Photoshop Disasters

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