Thursday, 24 July 2008

Blatant Racism towards Obama Broadcast live on CNN!

"I just don't know if I can see a black man making a change. Only black man I ever seen with change had a cup in his hand."

I have no words for this......


Hoto said...

it´s pretty poor such rasists are still around. sure this guy was native !!! lol i hope obahma is going to make it to became president. today he is here in germany.

Simple Simon said...

This guy made me laugh....I mean actually made me laugh, he is complex..he is racist and prejudice all at once.

Lets be daring and break down the whole religious thing (notice I avoided the racism).....OK so what if Obama was a Muslim? If we were to get pedantic about details in history you will find that Christians (Christian nations) have caused, instigated, facilitated and actually started most of the mass killing in the world. As a matter of fact if I'm not mistaken the only other force that has killed nearly as many humans as Christianity is nature itself (natural disasters).
Lets have a run down:
Hitler - Christian
America bombing Japan - Christians
Invading Iraq - Christians
Faulklans War - Christians

You get my point.

The the question is ....if Christians have always run America/the world and soo many people have died.....surely another denomination can't be that bad right?.....

As for Obama being black....he's probably had more of a burden in life wearing his skin than you have for being "an old southern boy" be honest the plight of empoveraged black people in America is similar if not identical to the white members of the Southern region NO FUCKING JOBS! So lets say Obama becomes President....if and big IF....he decides to try and help the suffering members of the nation he wouldn't leave your old southern ass out!

Beside, looking at his predessors...Obama can't do much wrong....

Mikey D said...

The main problem with the coverage of these "Democrats that are going to vote for NOT Obama" is that they are really interviewing people from states that are traditionally "red states" any way.
So it doesn't really MATTER that these people aren't going to vote for him anyway.
That's like saying a bunch of Republicans from the northeast are going to switch to voting Democrat. It doesn't MATTER because even though most of the people from my state (Maryland, USA) tend to vote republican, there are 4 counties here that run the whole state anyway.
People need to stop focusing in the race and focus more on Obama's economical theory. He's pretty much a Marxist/Socialist.
Focus on the issues, and forget if he's a black, white, Asian, Muslim, Hindu, what the fuck ever.

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