Saturday, 12 July 2008

The Monopoly Board Game....But not as you know it!

Monopoly is a game we all know and love! Here are some examples of the weird Monopoly variants that have been produced.....

In Anti-Monopoly, players play either by monopoly or competition rules fixed at the beginning of the game: COMPETITORS … charge fair rents, build as soon as they own a property, put five houses on their properties and occasionally go to Price War. MONOPOLISTS… extort monopoly-high rents from their poor tenants, build only after they have monopolized a color grouping, restrict supply by putting only four houses on their properties and occasionally go to Prison.

The game was obviously created to make a political statement more than anything, but if you’re not a fan of the practices of some big corporations, you can get a copy of Anti-Monopoly here:Anti-Monopoly

Hit Read More to view some of the other unusual versions of Monopoly.....

About Ghettopoly:
"Buying stolen properties, pimpin hoes, building crack houses and projects, paying protection fees and getting car jacked are some of the elements of the game. Not dope enough?...If you don't have the money that you owe to the loan shark you might just land yourself in the Emergency Room. Buying stolen properties, pimpin hoes, building crack houses and projects, paying protection fees and getting car jacked are some of the elements of the game. Not dope enough?...If you don't have the money that you owe to the loan shark you might just land yourself in the Emergency Room."

Production of this game is now TERMINATED. This is due to the game being banned for its racist undertones and also the creators of Ghettopoly were about to be sued by the orginal makers of the Monopoly Game, Hasbro.

About Gayopoly:

"Play the ultimate tourist and own a gay monopoly! We're queer, we're here, we're everywhere! The game for today! We're running for office, we're parents, we're business owners. All this, while going to the gym, maxing out our credit cards, singing too loud while driving our car and using your cell phone!"

Other Variants of Monopoly:

In the mood for a quick game of Monopoly? Play "Turbo Mini Monopoly" online: Click! Click! Click!


Friday, 11 July 2008

The Drunken Belarusian Referee

Soccer referee Sergei Shmolik had to be helped off the pitch as he staggered around complaining of Back pain. The match was held in Minsk, Lithuania last weekend. Doctors did tests, but blood tests showed he was just REALLY DRUNK! Doh!

This guy has got some serious Nerve! Look at the way he feigns "Back-Ache" throughout the video! LMAO!


Outrage over Racist Comic Books!

A Mexican comic was pulled from the shelves of a Texas Wal-Mart after a customer complained. The Memin Pinguin first sparked controversy in the US when Mexico issued a postage stamp featuring the character which the White House decreed as offensive.

The global media is lashing out on the Spanish language illustrations which depict the stories of a Cuban-Mexican boy living under conditions of extreme poverty.

The illustrations depict the main character "Memin" with monkey-like features and when he’s bullied at school, the other children call him ‘Negro.’

Even in the age of the internet, over 100,000 issues of Memin Pinguin are sold a week.

From: Guanabee


Car Advert made of MONEY placed in Central London - Lasts just 30 Minutes!

Credit-crunched Londoners grabbed pocketfuls of pennies yesterday at the launch of a 20-foot billboard advert made entirely from one-pence coins. The unique installation – made using over 20,000 pennies – only lasted 30 minutes as hundreds of opportunistic passers-by seized their moment to pick up a penny or two.

The penny billboard was unveiled in London’s New Oxford Street to advertise the 769,500-pence starting price of the new Chevrolet Aveo.

Things like this make me embarrassed to be a Londoner! I mean what is the point of taking a sack load of pennies? Not only will they weigh you down, but you also couldn’t even buy a cup of coffee with the proceeds? Its nothing but greed and opportunism! WTF people of London?


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Unbelievably Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Yes Uncombable hair syndrome is a real affliction, i did'nt make it up! But like you, when i saw it....i giggled, well up until i realised that is was REAL and that some people really do suffer with you can stop giggling now!

So i present to you the horrors of UNCOMBABLE HAIR SYNDROME

So it is in fact a genetic syndrome. Apparently it affects (among other things) the cross-sectional shape of each hair, making it triangular or kidney-shaped instead of round. This causes hair that has the consistency of spun glass--and in fact, that's one of the common names of this syndrome, "spun glass hair". It's also called ectodermal dysplasmia, pili trianguli et canaliculi, loose anagen hair syndrome, Bork Syndrome, and a host of other things as well.

And apparently it's a soft indicator that there may be some other genetic issues that are more serious. Still, I'm just immature enough to be unable to stifle a snicker when I read the following, in a serious academic paper(pdf):

The hair is normal in quantity, and is usually silvery-blond or straw-colored. The hair stands out from the scalp, and its wild disorerly appearance totally resists any effort to control it with brush or comb.

Of course, there is some good news:

The eyebrows and eyelashes are normal.

And even better news:

In later childhood a considerable degree of spontaneous improvement may occur.

At least the young man in the picture has normal eyebrows ay! Thats gotta be better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper?


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Dad kept kids in a cage because he could'nt find a babysitter!

Ricardo Gonzalez had to bring his two small children to work every day because he could'nt find a baby sitter. That in itself isn’t bad, but Gonzalez went one step further: he locked his kids in a cage while he works!

Whenever Ricardo Gonzalez went to a job site in his pickup truck, he never let his small children out of his sight. So protective was the 35-year-old south suburban man, he kept his daughters in a makeshift cage inside the truck, officials say.

One of the girls told an investigator for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services that her father locks them up because "he does a very dangerous job," according to state records reviewed by the Tribune. "My dad tightens both of us with his belt by my leg and my sister was [on] the other side of the cage tight with another belt."

Full Story: Click! Click! Click!


The Pregnant "Man" gave birth to a Baby Girl

Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who made headlines as the so-called "pregnant man", gave birth Sunday to a healthy baby girl, ABC News has learned.

"She's really cute, really pretty,'' the source told ABC News Thursday afternoon.

The source said Beattie was resting and the family was focusing its attention on the new baby.

Born a woman, Beatie, 34, who had had his breasts surgically removed and legally changed his gender from female to male, leaped to prominence around the world in April when the wispy bearded man revealed he was pregnant.

Via: ABC News


HUMAN MIRROR - New York Subway prank using IDENTICAL TWINS!

The prankster group, Improv Everywhere uses identical twins, to confuse the hell out of NYC subway riders! The reactions are halarious as an army of twins decends upon the public........

Full mission report: Click! Click! Click

Hit read more for a video of the prank!


Monday, 7 July 2008

Domesticated chimp is missing in California.....

LOS ANGELES - A 42-year-old chimpanzee who is toilet-trained and can eat with a knife and fork is believed to be at large in a Southern California forest after escaping his cage.

The couple, who have no children, broke down in tears at a press conference in Los Angeles.

"What am I going to do?" sobbed LaDonna Davis (Mother).

"He meant the world to us," said St. James Davis (father). "He was the best man at my wedding."

So what’s the big deal I hear you ask.....well......Brace yourself and hit "read more"

Local authorities didn't view Moe in the same light. For years, the Davises waged a legal battle to keep Moe in their home.

They finally lost in 1999 when Moe bit part of a woman's finger off when she inserted her hand in his cage. The Davises said he mistook her red-painted fingernail for his favorite licorice. The incident also came after Moe mauled a police officer's hand.

Over the Davises' protests, Moe was taken to an animal sanctuary. But in 2005, when they took a cake to celebrate Moe's birthday with him, the couple was viciously attacked by two other chimpanzees who had escaped their cages.



The chimps chewed off his fucking face and BALLS!?!?........*SMH* WTF?

Full Story: Yahoo News


SHOCKING! Teenager throws 8 month old baby ACROSS THE ROOM!

I have no words for this fuckrey......


Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday Link Soup

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