Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Pregnant "Man" gave birth to a Baby Girl

Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who made headlines as the so-called "pregnant man", gave birth Sunday to a healthy baby girl, ABC News has learned.

"She's really cute, really pretty,'' the source told ABC News Thursday afternoon.

The source said Beattie was resting and the family was focusing its attention on the new baby.

Born a woman, Beatie, 34, who had had his breasts surgically removed and legally changed his gender from female to male, leaped to prominence around the world in April when the wispy bearded man revealed he was pregnant.

Via: ABC News


Simple Simon said...

Will people get a grip!
If a caucasion child, gets a bottox injection in the lips, gets his nose enlarged and spread, gets a fake skin darkening treatment and walks around professing it is black and has always felt black we would all ridicule him/her......so how comes when a woman has her breasts removed and takes hormone pills we are all prepared to call her a man? I mean one of the main ingredients of "manness" is not even on her shopping list.....where is the DICK!
Ladies and gentlemen what we have here is a woman giving birth to a baby the way women do.....so what if said woman has facial hair and the chest of a pubescent boy, that doesn't classify her as a man....the child now has 2 mothers.....which is in no way a bad thing....but I feel....there will be confusion for this child growing up.

People lets be real....she (Thomas Beatie) is a woman.....even if she does get a penis...you can't surgically remove the "inner female".....lets try to be happy with who we are boys and girls....

desperateblogger said...

i agree with simon. thomas is not a man.thomas is a woman - the uterus proved it.

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