Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Dad kept kids in a cage because he could'nt find a babysitter!

Ricardo Gonzalez had to bring his two small children to work every day because he could'nt find a baby sitter. That in itself isn’t bad, but Gonzalez went one step further: he locked his kids in a cage while he works!

Whenever Ricardo Gonzalez went to a job site in his pickup truck, he never let his small children out of his sight. So protective was the 35-year-old south suburban man, he kept his daughters in a makeshift cage inside the truck, officials say.

One of the girls told an investigator for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services that her father locks them up because "he does a very dangerous job," according to state records reviewed by the Tribune. "My dad tightens both of us with his belt by my leg and my sister was [on] the other side of the cage tight with another belt."

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Simple Simon said...

Well at least he didn't starve them to death then complain his dog looked malnurished.....like some woman did in the UK. (starve to death)

The world has gone mad!

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