Saturday, 22 March 2008

Sway - F*ck your Ex

"If my man trys to send you another text, Text him back, tell him he should get a vest" LMAO

This tune should be re-titled "Im just insecure AND you really cant be trusted either"...what a mess!


Dreadlocks or shitlocks????

Ewwww.......i can smell them from here!


I know women are supposed to be curvy but........


Snoop Dog does Rick James 1970's Style!

Ok so its not new (and yea the video is supposed to look "old"), but i dunno what to make of this. Kinda catchy but i reckon he should stick to the rapping......

He borrowed T-Pain's voice


The Kermit Hoody..........

Really cool or just shit?

Just shit? yea thats what i thought......

But if your the kind of person who would rock this shit you can buy it here: click! click! click!


Thursday, 20 March 2008

Who wants to go on a blind date with a crackhead?

This is defo NSFW...matter of fact it NSF....ANYTHING!


Dude has got a FIVEHEAD!!

Fashion designer Jack Mass.....bringing Alien Nation to reality.

Anyone care to explain why his dome is lighter than the rest of his face? looks like he been tanning with a condom round his head! LMAO


Fancy a Biscuit?


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Alicia Keys sure did look different in her younger years

Can anyone say "Plastic Surgery".........


Cooking with Coolio

"The ghetto witchdoctor superstar chef is here to make you forget about every cooking show you've ever heard. Get your tomatoes, your mozzarella, a little balsamic, and get your ass into that kitchen, baby!"

You can download the recipe here if you so wish: click! click! click!


Todays motivational messages......


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

DMX has political views?

So DMX had an interview with XXL mag and stated his political views (or lack of)............gees

Are you following the presidential race?
Not at all.

You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton.
His name is Barack?!
Barack Obama, yeah.


What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?

Yeah, his dad is from Kenya.
Barack Obama?

What the fuck?! That ain’t no fuckin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here.

You’re telling me you haven’t heard about him before.
I ain’t really paying much attention.

I mean, it’s pretty big if a Black…
Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, “Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit” [laughs] “That ain’t your fuckin’ name.” Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.

So you’re not following the race. You can’t vote right?

Is that why you’re not following it?
No, because it’s just—it doesn’t matter. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. It doesn’t really make a difference. These are the last years.

But it would be pretty big if we had a first Black president. That would be huge.
I mean, I guess…. What, they gon’ give a dog a bone? There you go. Ooh, we have a Black president
now. They should’ve done that shit a long time ago, we wouldn’t be in the fuckin’ position we in now. With world war coming up right now. They done fucked this shit up then give it to the Black people, “Here you take it. Take my mess.”

Right, exactly.
It’s all a fuckin’ setup. It’s all a setup. All fuckin’ bullshit. All bullshit. I don’t give a fuck about none of that.

Stay off the drugs kids..........


So would you buy a car off this dude?

Someone please explain the "BUTT IN CAR" phrase for me......actually could someone please just explain the whole thing........


Does Amy Winehouse need a facial or something?

Gosh....i stumbled upon this picture of Amy this morning...and boy oh boy WTF is happening to her? I recommend some clinique emergency mask on that boat race......

Oh and a bit of Savlon for those arm scratches she obviously recieved while in the garden pruning her roses.

While on the subject of the stunning Amy here to predict her death: click! click! click! (kinda sick i know...but you can win an Ipod Touch, so, so what ay?)


Monday, 17 March 2008

Who wants to buy ghetto condoms??

Im it just me or does it look the cop is testing out the "strapped" condoms ON lil Wayne in this picture??? LMAO

"Strapped Condoms are made from the finest quality of natural rubber latex. Our condoms are of a superior quality, as a result from a combination of the finest raw latex material and advanced latex manufacturing technology. With customized condom dipping machines and testing equipment which are designed specifically to meet our quality of standards."

"Our condoms are tested on an individual basis, which includes an electronic pinhole & burst test. This assures the confidence and reliability that our customers continue to rely on. In addition the packaging undergoes a pressure leakage test to ensure that each condom will be of utmost reliability and excellent quality."

“We are confident that you will enjoy an enhanced pleasure from our condoms.”

“So protect your self and STAY STRAPPED!”


Robert Downey Jr is black?

Despite the fact the Robert Downy Jr will be playing a Black man in his upcoming Ben stiller movie (which is proving to make a lot of blacks uncomfortable) I think they did a damn good job of making him look black. I don't know the grounds for the movie but it's supposed to be that...Robert found out the movie was originally written for a black actor and decided that since he got casted for the role that he would act in black face/body.... You seriously can't tell me that they didn't do a good job with making him look black....

If its ok for the Wayan brothers to make themselves white for a movie whats all the uproar with this?

Your opinions please.......

*UPDATE - Heres the movie trailer, looks kinda good to me......


Sunday, 16 March 2008

Why would you make a mockery of yourself like this?


So what does it smell like?

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