Saturday, 19 April 2008

The ugliest bird in the whole world?

Allow me to introduce you to Oscar.

Oscar the cockatoo has been dubbed "The World's Ugliest Bird." Oscar has lived at Florida's humane society for the past 12 years. She has a disease called beak and feather disease. It causes her feathers to grow all wonky and irritating, so she plucks them out. She still has feathers on her head, because she can't reach those. Eventually the disease will affect her beak and nails.

Oscar has become an internet superstar, because the bitch has serious moves. She dances around her cage...naked. LOL

Video after the jump......


Saturdays Cut-Eye of Death!

Hes just vex because she didnt share the lip gloss!!


Friday, 18 April 2008


Yale University senior art major, Aliza Shvarts, will display her art project this Tuesday. Aliza artificially inseminated herself as often as possible and then periodically took drugs to induce miscarriages.

She did this over and over again for 9 months. Her exhibition includes video recordings of the forced miscarriages and preserved collections of the blood from the process.

Aliza wouldn't say how many sperm donors she used, but she claims none of them were paid. She also wouldn't say about how many times she inseminated herself.

She told the Yale Daily News that she didn't do it for "shock value," but hopes it will spark discussion on the relationship between art and the body. You can read all the details at the Yale Daily News.

Some seem to think that Aliza is pulling a major hoax
on everyone. Either way, the bitch has problems.

UPDATE! Click to read what the artist Aliza has to say about this, apparently ITS NOT A HOAX! Click! Click! Click!


Please dont let me hear you complain about your journey to work EVER AGAIN!

And you thought your journey was stressful? THINK AGAIN!

Try this for a "Rush Hour Sqeeze"!!!


Just what we needed! A plastic Surgery book for Kids!

A Florida plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, is putting out a children's book that explains why mummy has new tits, nose and a stretched out face. Dr. Michael wrote the book, because a lot of his patients didn't know how to talk to their kids about their "new look."

Newsweek writes:

My Beautiful Mommy is aimed at kids ages four to seven and features a plastic surgeon named Dr. Michael (a musclebound superhero type) and a girl whose mother gets a tummy tuck, a nose job and breast implants. Before her surgery the mom explains that she is getting a smaller tummy: 'You see, as I got older, my body stretched and I couldn't fit into my clothes anymore. Dr. Michael is going to help fix that and make me feel better.' Mom comes home looking like a slightly bruised Barbie Doll with demure bandages on her nose and around her waist"

Naturally, it has a happy ending: mommy winds up "even more" beautiful than before, and her daughter is thrilled.

Are there chapters called: "Why can't mummy move her fucking face?!" or "Why did that lady call mummy a plastic slut?"


Get your ghetto Fried Chicken & Pork Chops here.....

When i saw this all i could say was "WTF"?

Lets talk about racial sterotypes kids......

And if you havent had your fill of Fried Chicken you can click on 'read more' and continue to gorge yourself with some "Poak Chops"......get your ghetto chow on!

BTW.....can anyone please enlighten me to the genders of both of these "rappers"????


Thursday, 17 April 2008

NIKE & ADIDAS Release Odd spray cans.......

"The designers for Adi-block sunblock by Adidas have creatively extended the traditional branding process from packaging and advertising into the delivery mechanism itself.

Utilizing the infamous three stripes trademark symbol of Adidas, designers Jack Godfrey Wood, Tom Ballhatchet and Rui Lui have incorporated this symbol into the product’s usage by opting for three spraying nozzles instead of the typical one.

As you can see by the images above, this design creatively extends the Adidas symbol from the sunblock package onto the body of the customer."

Im picturing a load of topless chavs walking around with the Adidas 3 stripes "tanned" onto thier arms.....lord help us!

"Unless you have easy access to stadium lighting, playing a quick game after dark can be nearly impossible. Well now designer Pierre Haulot has teamed with Nike to create Virtual Park, a glow in the dark spray paint used to create goals, boundaries, a glowing ball and whatever else you need to keep the games going at night." its just a can of glow spray paint......expect to pay at least £29.99....why? because its Nike silly! LOL


Its Fathers day in the ghetto........



Vintage Cut Eye Champ!

Sophia Loren giving Jayne Mansfield the Cut-Eye of death at a dinner party back in 1957

"The most famous image showed Loren raising a contemptuous eyebrow at the American actress who, sitting between Loren and her dinner companion, Clifton Webb, had leaned over the table, allowing her breasts to spill over her low neckline and exposing one nipple."


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Tips on responsible babysitting by Amy Winehouse

3ft beehive.....check
Vodka shots....check

8 ball in pocket......check

There you go! Everything is in order to be the perfect babysitter..........


Today's Cut-Eye Champion!!

Heres the caption that accompanies this pic of Chaka Khan.......

Chaka Khan and kids of the Chaka Khan Foundation learn about a healthy life-style in regards to diet, the concept of fine dining, food pairings, food presentation and basic culinary techniques at the Chaka Khan Foundation Event at Crustacean Beverly Hills on November 25, 2007 in Beverly Hills, California.

Now you just know by the look on lil mans face that she just swiped the last crumpet off his plate!! LMAO


Am i allowed to say Trannys are really fucked up?

Its not often that im speechless............

Can anyone please explain and break this down for me? Your answers on a postcard please!


Monday, 14 April 2008

Why is the Rap Battle host touching on the "special" kids???

Isnt Eli Remarkably "special".............



The Roll Deep Tiger brings lions & tigers to the Sahara!

Have you seen the video for Wiley's new single 'Wearing my Rolex"?

Ok now you have

Legend Has It that Wiley walked off set and refused to participate and rumours have been going around as to the reason why. One of those rumours was that the Wiley Kat was scared of foxes. His attempt to dispel this particular one is here:


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