Thursday, 17 April 2008

NIKE & ADIDAS Release Odd spray cans.......

"The designers for Adi-block sunblock by Adidas have creatively extended the traditional branding process from packaging and advertising into the delivery mechanism itself.

Utilizing the infamous three stripes trademark symbol of Adidas, designers Jack Godfrey Wood, Tom Ballhatchet and Rui Lui have incorporated this symbol into the product’s usage by opting for three spraying nozzles instead of the typical one.

As you can see by the images above, this design creatively extends the Adidas symbol from the sunblock package onto the body of the customer."

Im picturing a load of topless chavs walking around with the Adidas 3 stripes "tanned" onto thier arms.....lord help us!

"Unless you have easy access to stadium lighting, playing a quick game after dark can be nearly impossible. Well now designer Pierre Haulot has teamed with Nike to create Virtual Park, a glow in the dark spray paint used to create goals, boundaries, a glowing ball and whatever else you need to keep the games going at night." its just a can of glow spray paint......expect to pay at least £29.99....why? because its Nike silly! LOL


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