Friday, 17 October 2008

Simon Cowell is King

I'm sure you are all familiar with Simon Cowell (if not where have you been?!!)...if not here is quick info reel:

Simon Cowell
Dob: October 7th 1959
Skills: A&R Executive, TV personality/producer
Business: Owner of Syco (Tv production and music publishing house), he produced a couple hits in his time "So Macho" by Sinitta and some Westlife and Five stuff too, the man was part of a 'Hit Factory' producing some of 80's and 90's most well known pop chart tracks.

Cowell also owns the Idol, X-Factor (UK), Britains Got Talent franchise, Got Talent and American Inventor.....

In short homeboy is 'making it rain' in countries and languages some of us will never see....or understand! Estimated to be worth a staggering $200M (£112M), Mr Cowell can afford to be as rude as he likes.....and he is!

See! Anyway the real reason for this post is to highlight the apparent 'Idol fever' that is taking over the world....yes I said it...THE WORLD!

Ok so we are all familiar with American Idol and Pop Idol, but ladies and gents.....I have a super delight for your comic pleasure. Please take time and indulge in the hilarity below, it is most definately worth it!

Indian Idol

OK so its not in english but you can get the drift....he was....well....erm....LMAO!

Polish Idol

"The kid is not my one" lol

Kazakhstan Idol


Malaysian Idol

"The kids is be not my son" - I love it

West African Idol

"I doesn't care whos wrong or right"

South Africa Idol

The man is actually King

East African Idol

I actually wet myself.....I really did.

Austrailian Idol

This guy is special

There are loads more, go have a look.....

Oh yes, how could I forget the Bulgarian legend that is Valentina Hasan who sang
"Ken Lee"


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Beware of the Goonch

--This picture is of a small Goonch--

I'm not an amphibious individual, so the ocean, sea, or swimming pool are not going to be places I frequent.

However being the cautious individual I am, I make a point of knowing all the predatory animals and their natural humour me;

Lions - African plains, (Kenya, South Africa to name but 2 places)
Tigers - Asian jungle, (India, Siberia to name but 2 places)
Sharks - Australian, Pacific, African coasts/oceans

OK so your getting the know the beasts above and are familiar with their varied abilities and strengths... Right, well ladies and gentlemen I bring you "The Goonch" ....yes that's right "The Goonch"......"what is it, with a name like that it can't be scary" I hear you say?.........Wrong!

--This is a man eating Goonch--

A distant cousin of the 'Cat Fish'(Siluriformes) this bad boy can grow to 200lbs and 6ft long. "The Goonch" inhabits many waters of the world but attention needs to be drawn to the Goonch's of India. Apparently they have been accused of "developing a taste" for human flesh!

I know crazy right? So here's how it happens, in India the remains of funeral pyres are set into the Great Kali river, this river is inhabited by, guessed it, "The Goonch", so the remains of people past have been consumed by the behemoth fishzilla and thus a thirst for more was born.

Despite my somewhat 'blahzay' account of this it is quite serious, the Goonch's have been hunting live humans! However there have only been 3 reported instances of Goonch's snatching people.
Amongst the victims are one 18yr old last week, a 17yr old in April 1988 and then 3 months later another young boy was pulled below the surface.

People please don't swim, bath or play in the Great Kali river, it could be the end of you!

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