Thursday, 31 July 2008

Would you walk around sipping this drink?

Gordon Ramsay is in trouble again and this time it's because of the word "pussy." During last night's episode of "The F Word" in the UK, Gordon and Graham Norton talked about the energy drink Pussy.

Gordon said, "It's got some natural energy in the Pussy…go on…taste your Pussy. Do you like the Pussy, was that good?"

According to Digital Spy, Channel 4 received tons of complaints. Have these moaners ever heard Gordon Ramsay speak before? Pussy is probably the tamest word ever to come out of his filthy mouth!

Do you find the word "pussy" offensive?


Mike Tyson's Abandoned Mansion

I guess this is somewhat of a random post but I thought id share in the eerily 1990's-ness of Mike Tyson's (ex) mansion, complete with monologue front gates! It also looks like it is buried deep in the hills of some remote town in Russia, but it’s actually in Ohio USA.....check it out by clicking on "Read more"....

You can view loads more pictures (and commentry) at Illicit Ohio: Click! Click! Click!


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Did'nt hair patterns go out in 1995?

Is this taking support of Obama a little too far? I mean (judging by the back of his head) lil man is not old enough to understand the whole campaign trail thing anyway! So who put him up to this?

WAIT! THERES MORE! Click READ MORE for more hair pattern madness!

Is this Rick Ross's number one fan? Well I guess he needs as many as he can get since the lastest allegations that have been treading the rumor mill!!

Wanna know more about those allegations? Click! Click! Click!

Even though this hair style is ridiculous i guess lil man does get creativity points for the beard part of his 'do! LMAO


Monday, 28 July 2008

Now here's a Psychic you can definatly trust

awesome psychic

With such a full and convincing head of hair how could you not?

Check out his website here: Click! Click! Click!


The Pregnant "Man" called his Daughter Susan Juliette

Seeing as we covered the run up to pregnant "man" giving birth....


I thought it was only right to show his (cute) baby girl Susan in all her glory.....

He told People that he was in labor for 40 hours and gave birth naturally. Susan weighed in at 9 lbs., 5 oz. Pregnant Dude's wife, Nancy Thomas, is breastfeeding Susan through induced lactation.

So does the child call this person mum or dad? Hmmmm what a confusion!

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