Friday, 4 April 2008

The Pregnant "man" tells all to Oprah

Thomas Beatie aka the pregnant man was on Oprah yesterday to discuss...well...the fact that he's pregnant! I did a post last week with the basic info, you can click HERE to view the original post.

But lets look at what we learnt from the Oprah show.......(video too)

Thomas' clit is like a mini-dick
Thomas got pregnant through a donor...DUH
Thomas had his breasts removed...DOUBLE DUH
Thomas' baby is healthy
Thomas doesn't have a peen
Thomas' power lesbo wife has two daughters from a previous dude
Thomas' dad is not into him being a dude or being knocked up

We also learned that Thomas used to be quite a beautiful woman:

Heres a clip from the show:

Thomas Beatie On Oprah can watch the ENTIRE OPRAH EPISODE HERE: Click! Click! Click!


Anonymous said...

Ok......I have let this go on for long enough, I'm old school and as far as I remember if you have a vagina and a womb that makes you female....? I don't care if you don't have breasts, or if your sporting a beard, I don't even care if you feel like a man.....when it comes to it you are a woman! We should all just except what we are! Soon I can see some white people walking around telling everyone that they are black cos, they eat black food, or they taken drugs to increase the size of their buttocks! Its all just bull......sorry "Thomas" If i ever meet you, I will refer to you as Ms Beatie.

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