Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Mr T Duck - You know you want one fool!

"Ever found yourself in the bath thinking "Y'know... something is missing here. I can't quite place what it is. Hang on! I know! I really wish Mr T was in here with me!"

Well, if your bath is as small as mine, you wouldn't get close to fitting Mr T in with you... and besides, it might just be a bit weird. If you're adamant that you need him in there with you, but aren't Mrs T, then here's the solution.

The Mr T rubber duck! You can mimic his voice and shout "I ain't gettin' in no shower fool!" Oh, the fun you could have!"

This duck REALLY give me this creeps.....such an ugly thing!!

You can buy one here: Click! Click! Click!

Source: Bayraider


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