Friday, 4 April 2008

The Masai Warriors’ Guide to London

A group of Masai warriors are going to be running the London Marathon this year, which could be enough to get a mention here, but it gets better. To avoid any potential culture clash problems a charity has prepared a useful guide for them, which contains some handy tips we’d all be advised to bear in mind:

  • Even though some [Brits] may look like they have a frown on their face, they are very friendly people - many of them just work in offices, jobs they don’t enjoy, and so they do not smile as much as they should.
  • You cannot rely on the sun to tell the time accurately and will have to rely on clocks and watches. The sun will rise and set at different times.
  • Whereas at home for you it is acceptable to spit, in England it is not but, if you have to, you must do so in a sink or in some trees when no one is looking.
  • If you see something that someone else has, like a bracelet, and you like it, then the person will find it very unusual if you were to take it and wear it.”
  • if someone was to see a thief and chase after him and, when they catch him they hurt him, then the person who hurt the thief would go to prison as well as the thief.
  • You may see these animals in a field, seemingly left alone. It is important to remember that these animals are owned by someone and are being looked after.”
  • You will see many people who are wearing only small clothes and you will wonder why they are cold and may think they are being disrespectful. This is normal for England, especially when it is sunny or in the evening. However, it is illegal to show certain parts of the body and for this reason it is important that you wear underpants if you are wearing your blankets.”
  • When people drink they [seem] sillier or different.”


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