Tuesday, 18 July 2006

EntreCard "Best Post" Contest - 500 EC TO BE WON!

Its Entrecard contest time again!

This time around we are giving away 500 EC Credits to the winner!

Ok heres how the contest goes……

Below are a list of 10 of our most popular posts. Simply view the posts and decide which you think is the best of the bunch.

Next, send an email by clicking here: Click! Click! Click!

And be sure to include the following:

  1. The title of the post that you are voting for
  2. Your Entrecard ID or e-mail address that should receive the credits
  3. The name and URL of your blog or site (for winner announcement)
  4. E-mail subject: Best Post Contest

The contest will close on Monday 11th August 2008 and the winner will be informed and announced within 48hrs of the closing date. The winner will be chosen at random from the entries that voted for the winning post (the post that receives the most votes). If there is a tie, the credits will be split between winners. The post that receives the most votes will also be showcased on the front page after the contest has ended. You can also contact the above email address if you have any questions.

Our TOP TEN most popular posts:
  1. McDonalds Menu's from around the world
  2. Get your Korean Afro Perm Right Here!
  3. Woman with the worlds biggest natural boobs
  4. The most dangerous beach in the world!
  5. The Bling Report - 10 most bizarre Bling
  6. Monstrosities of Tanning
  7. The Mixed Race Relationship Cookie
  8. Most bizarre mugshots ever!
  9. The news is always on point....I mean they never make mistakes right?......Wrong!
  10. Inapropriate Toys

*All of the links open in a new window/tab so you can click them all if you want!

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Saturday, 8 July 2006


Welcome to THEWHYFILE!

Thewhyfile is the brainchild of Joyfalula. Joyfalula started the blog to share the hilarity and shock-factor of some of the amazing finds stumbled across on the internet, on a daily basis. Also hoping to hear a broad range of views on some of the more controversial items posted on the blog, and always saying what others may think but are perhaps not brave enough to say!

Fellow question master and creative blogger SimpleSimon also provides hilarity and “why-factor” for your viewing pleasure. SimpleSimon provides a humorus yet informative opinion on a wide range of subjects, often taking a light hearted approach to some potentially 'sensitive' issues. SimpleSimon likes you to think about posts long after you've read them.......

We showcase all the weird and wacky pictures, videos, links and topical news stories we find all over the net that make you think….WHY?...or


I’m sure you get the idea!

So please peruse the site at your leisure and if you enjoy it please subscribe via RSS or Email

*We love controversy! And implore you to submit any links, pictures, videos, or anything else that made you go “hmmmm”……credit will always be given to the original finder (or their blog/site), so feel free to email us your submissions!

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