Sunday, 11 May 2008

Woman with The Worlds Biggest Natural Boobs

Norma Stitz (Her name is a word-play on "enormous tits") - Is the woman with the world's largest natural breasts!

Below is a clip of Norma on a Dutch TV show....all i can say is WHOA!


Angelika said...


OMG. Someone donate the money so that woman can get a breast reduction. Jesus. My back was hurting before, but now it's KILLING ME!

Carlos said...

Lord have mercy on her. I've never seen any lils like that in my life! I bet when she's not wearing a bra, that's if she can find a bra, she can kick her nipples.

Blogsters Guild said...

friggin disgusting...great info to know...too bad she's not hot.

pkay said...

I agree, she needs to definitely get a reduction. My back starting hurting also when I saw these. that is terrible. I thought I wanted some implants but now I will just stick to my own.



Anonymous said...

i wish they were bigger. that is soooo sexy !

Anonymous said...

wow its cool to see that but can a child make use of it? come on Prety AFrican woman when it comes to rating you are the lead
stay blessed

Maxi Moom Fan said...

Norma’s whole body is huge, so are her boobs. Compared to body size, Maxi Moom has the biggest natural breasts:

Maxi has slim arms, prefect thin legs, sexy round butt and her breasts are almost as big as Norma’s.

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