Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Suge Knight hits the news again.......

"Oh I love the little birdies flying around my head, there so beautiful"

I never thought I would ever say this but........Suge Knight "got knocked the fuck out!" Yes that is Suge Knight above flat on his back!

Suge Knight goes nighty-night. That’s right, 8ft 7" 940lb Suge Knight was put to sleep by a single punch last night at Shag in Hollywood! Apparently a fight ensued with an unnamed assailant over money (surprise). Suge and his crew of cronies attacked the man inside the club, but before Suge could flee the scene, the attackee got in a single punch. And apparently that’s all it took......

Ok the vid is only the aftermath, I don't think it actually got caught on camera (while it was in full swing that is).

Just shows that every dog has his day and being butch is not the cure for being "knocked the fuck out"....LMAO

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Picture Source: TMZ.com

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