Friday, 16 May 2008

The Mixed Race Relationship Cookie - Right or WRONG?

Over at Madison Avenue they have done an in-depth analysis of the above new marketing campaign by Pepperidge Farm. At first glance it appears to be using the notion of "Mixed Race or Inter-Racial Couples" to actually market the biscuit.

There's another view of this ad over at who appear to claim this ad is actually "racist"

Im guessing everyone will have thier own opinions so please share them in the comments section!

Is this cookie ad seriously WRONG or in this day and age absolutly RIGHT???


Ben said...

Compare it with the dutch PSP AD here and decide if it's racist.

Regretful Morning said...

I dont find that to be racist in anyway. If anything that is just clever marketing. I had forgotten about those cookies but may buy some now :)

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

The PSP ad is just blatantly WRONG. The cookie ad is fine. The caption on the Devil Dog ad is foul. Seems like the marketing folks are trying to be 'in your face,' but sometimes they're missing the mark by a mile.

Mimzie Beaumont said...

Oh man, a cookie is a cookie is a cookie. As long as I can eat it, I don't care.

Now I'm hungry!

Sarah said...

Why does everything have to be so blooming PC nowadays!

I think the pictures in the cookie ad are beautiful and thought provoking!

Some people just like to moan for moanings sake. Advertising is supposed to draw a reaction from people and this is what this ad is doing. It is making me want to eat COOKIES!!! :D - Swayed by advertising me... Never ;-)


Janna said...

I think the cookie ad is cute.
It's making me want cookies, so that must mean it's doing its job. :)

bbr said...

Cookies !

People who want to be offended, will search for any excuse to be offended.

Those who won't care, won't care and just eat the damn cookie because chocolate on any cookie will in fact always taste good.

blubee said...

Actually I want one of the people shaped ones...more chocolate.

Sabra said...

I think this society looks at too small of issues too in depth at times. Who is with who of what races, or what kind of car you drive. Narrow minds is what got us into our environmental, social, and political messes. Who cares what color the chocolate is? Thought we got over this black/white issue years ago. This is one more thing that is one more on the 'narrow minded' list.

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