Thursday, 15 May 2008

Meet "Rastamouse........

Rastamouse is the crime fighing Rastafarian mouse!

Here's his website: Click! Click! Click!

Your probably wondering who this weird mouse is? Well hes a character from a childrens book - The Auther, Michael Da Souza talks about the concept here: Click! Click! Click!
You can watch Rastamouse stories being narated by Lenny Henry here:Click! Click! Click!

When I watched the video I almost died at 08:40 minutes in.....but ill let you decide how you feel about the whole thing.....personally i dont know wether to laugh or cry!

Here are some of the facts surrounding our friend Rastamouse:

  • The bad guy is called "Bandulu"
  • "Bandulu" is a "teef"
  • Rastamouse is part of the "easy crew"
  • Rastamouse is of course in a Reggae band
  • A "Big bag of bling" gets "teefed"
  • "Bag ah Trouble" is the name of another baddy
So whats the message?


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