Monday, 12 May 2008

Let us really assess this Amy situation.....

We have managed to keep an eye on the antics of Amy over the past couple weeks and then we come to this.....

Now before I reveal the photo....let us please start a debate, the pictures below are of Amy in a park having 'sun fun'......could someone please tell me the difference between her and the supermodel next to her (aside from the poor skin quality and 'grimy' look).

Now lets be honest....there isn't much difference between them (aside from aforementioned skin issues) they are both majorly skinny.

This begs a Amy's emaciated look pulling so much attention because its drug induced? Or does the PAP just want her to burn......cos the model looks just as emaciated (minus the skin issues).

Could someone please enlighten me?

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Does Amy need a facial or something?
Tips on responsible babysitting by Amy Winehouse
I love Amy but now even I'm mystified


Joyfalula said...

Looks like your post has been clearly answered!

Amy will "possibly" be on the runways at London Fashion Week.....


Joyfalula said...

My bad....ive reduced the link:

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