Thursday, 15 May 2008

OWNED!! - Laughing at others misfortune (VIDEOS)

Vids after the jump.........

Drunk girl gets OWNED by toilet!

OWNED by Butter!

Videos found at:


Ben said...

The butter one is funny but the chick in the toilet smells of FAKE:

a. she's too steady on her feet
b. the cam doesn't move at all
c. she just doesn't look drunk
d. why would there be a nightvision cam in the ladies bogs
e. her screams when she falls in sound unconvincing

It's acted, and badly acted

Joyfalula said...

I disagree, the only thing that appears somewhat suspect to me is the cam. But im assuming someone is either holding a camera phone or a cam has be fixed there purely to set up the drunk girl (or girls) and they happened to capture a gem!

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