Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Steve Eats the things you NEVER would!

Steve eats all the digusting things you would never (want to) try!!

He experiments making prison wine, drinking his wifes breast milk. He eats "infected corn", doggy treats and many other delicacies you would'nt give your worst enemy to eat!!

He says of the "infected corn":

I guess it would be fair to say it doesn't taste as truly horrible as it looks. The flavor is elusive and difficult to describe, but I'll try:"Kinda yucky." Hey, that wasn't so hard after all. (Sometimes I forget I'm a goddamn wordsmith.)

For any connoisseurs, I'm not sure if this stuff would go better with red wine or white. How about with a bottle of Bactine? I've always found that goes great with infections.

You can view ALL of the nasty stuff he has eaten here: Click! Click! Click!


Simple Simon said...

If this guy passes wind he will rip a new set of holes in the OZ layer......str8 foul.....

Joyfalula said...

Gosh!! Rather him than me!

I wouldnt try any of that stuff!

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