Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Brangelina haven't a clue what to do with poor Zahara's "Black person" Hair!

Brad Pitt was quoted saying "I have trouble with Zahara's BLACK PERSON HAIR"

Black person hair?


That's PC gone mad...

.....as her hair progressivly gets nappier and nappier

Click read more to view the various stages of nappyness....someone please buy Ange a tub of blue magic and a hot comb! LOL

This pic was taken just yesterday(May 11th).....wait for the close up!

BLAM! Zahara is working the "nappy-roots" look! LOL

Pics from:Offyourchestnow


Simple Simon said...

Zahara don't give a what, she is RICH BITCH...!

"My hair was nappy when I was younger that is true, but I'm older now, look at me ........now look at you....I@M RICH BITCH"

The balance has been restored.....

Fierce Diva said...

I've been saying for years that white women with black kids need to get some black hair lessons! Such a pretty little girl walking around looking like buckwheat. That's a damn shame! She's going to end up bald if they don't figure it out soon. I taught my girlfriend how to style her bi-racial daughter's hair and now she's the flyest kid on the block:)

gdl said...

As Kentucky Rap Group "Nappy Roots" go -

"Nappy head and all is the life for me...this is the life God chose for me"

Anonymous said...

They should loc her hair. All they have to do is twist it. By the time she's 10 her locs will be past her waist!

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