Thursday, 27 March 2008

Suge Knight has his very own reality show!

"The most feared man in Hip Hop, Marion “Suge” Knight has been touting a reality show in development since late 2004. Although no networks have officially backed the uncut look at the Death Row Records co-founder and notorious executive, what appears to be an official trailer surfaced over this past holiday weekend.

The show appears to follow Knight in search of talent for his dwindling imprint. With a series of challenges, not unlike Diddy’s Making The Band hit series on MTV, Knight and cohorts drill potential artists throughout Compton, Inglewood, Las Vegas and elsewhere on their merits to be down with the label that was deemed “untouchable” in 1996."

How fake & staged does this shit look?
How do you even pronounce "Suge"?
Am i gonna get gone like Tupac (and whoever else) coz i said his show is wack?


Anonymous said...

Good Publicity stunt

Ben said...

hahaha, Suge is running out of money... EVERY beat in that trailer is from the death row era, are they the only ones he kept rights to after 96?

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