Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Get your Blow here..........

Yea kids...DRUGS ARE COOL! Well so say the makers of the new energy drink about to hit the streets..........

In hot pursuit of the (originally banned) energy drink 'COCAINE', one can of which is supposed to be the eqivelant to 3 cans of Redbull. Here we have BLOW. Yep im dead serious folks this stuff really is in the commercial market right now! Cashing in on the so called "drug culture".

Like the drink, Cocaine, BLOW is meant to be consumed as an energy drink but instead of coming in a can it comes in a powder form within a small vial. The vial is meant to be poured into your favorite beverage, giving it an extra boost. Not content with just mimicing the basics, the package also comes wrapped to look just like a Key of coke!

BLOW - Official Website

BLOW - Myspace


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