Sunday, 23 March 2008

UK to Austrailia in under 5hrs????

This is a little away from the general concensus of posts but very interesting and I promise, in keeping with the blog moto, there is a 'Why' at the end!

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you.....the Hypersonic A2

I won't over bore you with techno bable but this baby will fly at an altitude of 100,000ft (30,480m) at speeds of up 3,200mph, yes I said it, 3,200mph, meaning a trip from the UK to Austrailia will take under 5hrs!!!!

This is all good and well, but doesn't it mess with the mile high club?? It throws that whole shit out of sink............I suddenly hate this plane now!

Oh by the way.....if you wanna use this as your means of transport to Aussie land it will cost you.......wait for it..........wait for it .........£2000! or $4000.......(I've never wanted to go to Aussie land anyway....).

If you are intrigued and wish to know more???? -----> UK to Austrailia in under 5hrs????

I nearly forgot, heres the 'Why', this plane is set to run on hydrogen fuel and because it is fuelled by liquid hydrogen, the aircraft only produces water vapour and nitrous oxide as exhaust and has a negligible carbon footprint. So......WHY the f*ck aren't all the planes that are in service running on this Hydro Shit?


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