Saturday, 10 May 2008

The most dangerous beach in the world! ideal holiday is sun, sea and sand.....or SSS as we like to say. In keeping with the SSS moto there are a number of places in the world I can choose to indulge in. Ofcourse there are the places that require extra caution (Austrailia, ever noticed how almost every bite no matter how big or small can kill you in Austrailia?) so we can possibly knock them off the list. Now I don't know about you but I don't mind being under threat by nature, after all it was here first, but when your means of getting to a country is your own biggest threat that is a problem.

Confused, don't quite understand the spiel above? Hit 'Read More', then it will start to make more sense.

Yeah I know, I thought the same thing you just did......."They must be doctered" right? Thats why I got this live footage......WTF ladies and gentlemen WTF!!

Yes that was a 747 flying past your face!!! WTF!!!

This accident waiting to happen is in/on St Maarteen (Carribean Island, ruled by the Dutch) the airport is called Princess Juliana....


Joyfalula said...


Where in the world is this beach?

Simple Simon said...

The island of St on display here.....scary stuff man.

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