Friday, 9 May 2008


We all have hopes of "going out in style", well at least i know i do. But how outlandish would you go with a coffin? Here we have a collection of the craziest coffins around........

And yes there is a computer and a LCD screen built into the above coffin....just in case you need to check your emails in the afterlife......

Yes these really are all coffins!

Death by cigarettes? Well this would be just perfect!

"Just throw me in a skip when i die"

For the handbag lovers

The Tommy Hilfiger Casket......I wonder if they cleared it with Tommy? What with copywrite laws and all....LOL

You can view the zany "hand made in Ghana" Coffins here:Click! Click! Click!

For more crazy coffins click here:Click! Click! Click!

And while we are on the sordid subject of coffins, you can plan your death date using the death calulator:Click! Click! Click!


Tim Little said...

American creativity at work again I love these ideas for caskets another optioncremation cost

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