Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Daily dose of PURE GHETTONESS! 50 cent's chain snatched in Africa!! & Riding the subway Hood Rat style

During 50 Cent's current tour of Africa, a fan jumped on stage and snatched a diamond chain from the singers neck before escaping on foot from the concert venue in Angola.

According to MTV, the fan grabbed the diamond encrusted necklace from the 'In Da Club' singer, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, mid-song during a G-Unit show.

Video of the WHOLE INCIDENT (+more) after the jump.............

On 50's personal website, ThisIs50.com a statement said: "Recently 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were performing in Angola, Africa. Being that security was limited fans were able to interact with the group on stage."

"However one fan had a different motive and bit off more than he can chew, as he attempted to run up on 50 and snatch his chain."

(The chain goes at about 1:40)

The guy that snatched 50's chain escaped for a short time but was turned in by his parents... Ain't that a bitch!!!

The man accused of snatching 50 Cent’s chain while on stage was arrested by the Police in Angola. 50 Cent was performing at the Cidadela Pavilion in Luanda.

Carlos Mota, Police Superintendent, said that officials apprehended Bruno Carvalho, the man who jumped on stage during a G Unit performance and snatched 50 Cent’s diamond chain.

The Angola Press said that Carvalho was handed over to authorities by his parents on May 4 after footage of the chain snatching spread over the internet.

Carvalho is going to face criminal charges for his role in the robbery during the International Peace Festival. (link)

Now for some more rediculous "Hood" behaviour.......i dont have any words for the following video filmed on the Atlanta Subway....can someone kindly explain it to me??

This crazy chick has been arrested....

See Highbrid Nation for the full details: Click! Click! Click!


Simple Simon said...

50 met 'Real' gangsters begining and end of. This is not the 'Bronx' or 'Crenshaw' this is Africa friends.....Lions and Cheaters and wild shit......50 and G-Unit ain't nutting over there. An Angolan won't rob you for acclaim or egotisic reason, he'll rob you cos he needs to eat! Anyway, I wouldn't call this robbery...its more a righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by a yellow shirted hungry Angolan.

Its all good anyway the Diamonds wanted to go HOME.....after all they were probably stolen from Africa, so the balance is restored.

......And as for this young hoodlum, I hope (not in a bad way) that her parents are not around, then I could possibly argue that her life is filled with anguise, if not then them parents ain't done a dam thing right with this child.....in the immortal words of my main man Rick James...."Cocaine is a hellova drug"

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