Monday, 28 April 2008

Inappropriate toys

I've been forever immortalized on celluloid by my good friends at rotten cotton, they've based a film on my life and you can watch the trailer right here. To celebrate the release of this masterpiece of modern cinema, I have put together some of the worst toys ever.

*Like my life, this trailer is definitely NSFW

Toys after the Jump

I've been on a mission to find the most downright irresponsible toys known to man, not "someone might get hurt" irresponsible, straight "fuck your kids up" irresponsible.

First up is...

1. The Hitler Doll

Coming fully equipped with interchangeable expressions and outfits, this £100 doll, is a must for all budding nazis.

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a world war era piece of propaganda but no. It was released in the Ukraine just last week.

2. Britney's gash

I decided I would only choose ONE from this site, and steering clear of the obvious, it was a tossup between "obamakins" and this. Ooops she did it again.

To think in 2001 how fervently we searched the internet for naked pictures of her makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

3. Peni Pals


I can't say anymore than what the devil just whispered in your ear. So I won't.

4. Oozinator

Super Soaker board meeting: "ok, we've got kids wet in about every way possible. I have a new idea..."
The video for the product subsequently produced and marketed is safe for work, but if someone catches too short a glimpse of it, you may just find yourself on the sex offenders register.

I feel like I should report this to someone...

5. Pee & Poo

Gives a whole new meaning to rolling in your own piss & shit...

If you come across (not literally) any strange toys be sure to drop an email to


Joyfalula said...

Little sister's bday is around the i have some great gift ideas!! Decisions decisions.............

Simple Simon said...

"Show me them tities bitch"

Taras said...

The source information about Hitler dolls in Ukraine is based on false,
anti-Ukrainian propaganda. The Daily Mail have withdrawn the article from their website and the BBC have now publicly acknowledged that this story
was false:

This doll is manufactured in Taiwan and has been on sale in the UK and the USA for some time already:


There is detailed information about how this story came to be twisted
into a slander against Ukraine, one posted by the Kharkiv Human Rights
Protection Group ( and a more detailed analysis by the Ukrainian Archive

I urge you to please issue a public correction.

Further reading:

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