Friday, 2 May 2008

Honest RnB Music..............

Ok lets talk about honest RnB…..I’m guessing at some point you must have used the “Slow Jams Seduction Technique” (and if you haven’t maybe you should try it!). Dimmed the lights and let some sweet melodies from R Kelly, Jodeci or perhaps Jagged Edge fill your love lair?

Well, its time to be realistic…..ITS ALL LIES!


Well let’s face it, think about your favorite line from one of those RnB Lotharios. For example.

Keith Sweat: “lets me lick you up and down till you say stop”………

“Hows about I’m NOT going to say stop at all! So you better make sure you bring a cup of water or suttin!”

So of course this is LIES…..he can’t “lick up and down” for the length of time until his romantic partner says stop….this could in fact be an eternity!


H-Town: “Good loving body rockin’ knockin boots all night long, yeah”

“Ermmm I have work in the morning and who the hell you foolin’… know you aint never fucked all night long in your dam life… aint superman!”


So im campaigning along with the Guy in the video below for HONEST RNB! Tell it like it is fellas…..if she’s in for 15 mins, a peck on the cheek and a knee in the back while you instantly drop to sleep… least be honest about it so she can weigh up her options…..chances are you might still get lucky……LOL


Simple Simon said...

I'll give you 4.5 minutes....thats all I got......You better get yours, cos imma get mine!

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