Thursday, 31 July 2008

Would you walk around sipping this drink?

Gordon Ramsay is in trouble again and this time it's because of the word "pussy." During last night's episode of "The F Word" in the UK, Gordon and Graham Norton talked about the energy drink Pussy.

Gordon said, "It's got some natural energy in the Pussy…go on…taste your Pussy. Do you like the Pussy, was that good?"

According to Digital Spy, Channel 4 received tons of complaints. Have these moaners ever heard Gordon Ramsay speak before? Pussy is probably the tamest word ever to come out of his filthy mouth!

Do you find the word "pussy" offensive?


The Fitness Diva said...


But I might be interested if they make a drink named for the opposite side of things.... ;)

Lauren said...

Why would they name an energy drink pussy?
it certainly doesn't inspire me to drink it.

i love it how they complain about the word pussy but ignore everything else he says. He's practically incapable of saying a sentence that doesn't involve on swear work or another.

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