Sunday, 3 August 2008

Meet the "Montauk Monster"

I saw this uber-creepy picture cropping up around the net. Turns out this creature (known as the Montauk Monster) washed up on the beach somewhere in the US.

A witness says:
"This is an actual monster, some sort of rodent-like creature with a dinosaur beak. A tipster says that there is "a government animal testing facility very close by in Long Island[.]"

A week later another picture pops up of this monster:

The three girls who found and photographed the creature are interviewed here:

So what do we think? Photoshop? Some sort of internet viral marketing? A silly hoax? Or for the more optimistic among you think this is real?

I'm usually of the pessimistic persuasion when it comes to things like this ...but im still fascinated! So ill be keeping you all updated on what this monster really is!

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Thomas said...

I say hoax, but I who knows.

Simple Simon said...

The interviewer certainly didn't do the story any favours.....he made it seem quite trivial...when in fact this story could be a big problem for animal conservationists and animals rights campaigners all over the world. If 'new' species are being genetically engineered and are escaping the lab...its that scary..? What if it bit someone and past on some parasites....that started an epidemic?.....or am I being too X files?

Kalilea said...

It's definitely creepy looking. I sure wouldn't have wanted to run into that thing either alive or dead.

iMike said...

Plum Island, is the island you are referring to. Its scary :-P. I used to live on Long Island and take a ferry that passed Plum Island when I went to Connecticut for vacations. There was always a weird feeling I got from that place. I wouldn't doubt that it was real. I'm just more surprised there was not a huge government cover-up.

Sandra said...

I don't what to say - today, everything is possible,and I d agree with the possibility with experiments in lab - and that's really scary, more then this creature

blanne said...

i say.. hoax! i would have believed it if the girls had pictures with the "monster". or a video, or anything aside from what ive seen.

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Kateedyd said...

It's gotta be fake. The second pic looks shopped...sand doesn't look right around or under it. The first one is good. that thing looks really real!

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