Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Olympics in Lego

Its Olympics time folks!

The Hong Kong LEGO Users Group created this miniature version of the Olympics in Beijing in less than 100 hours. In this picture, you can see the National Aquatics Center. Other photos show the Olympic Stadium (also known as the Birds Nest), Olympic Park, and other venues.....

See more pics after the jump!


Click here for some amazing pics of the opening ceremony!


Car Lease Los Angeles said...

Oh my gosh that's amazing!!! Of course the Chinese would do that. Lol.

Therapist New York said...

I hope they do one of these for every Olympics, how cool!

RV Backup Camera said...

Did they have robots build it? Lol

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

That's incredible but what's really amazing is how they only did it in 100 hours!

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