Monday, 17 March 2008

Who wants to buy ghetto condoms??

Im it just me or does it look the cop is testing out the "strapped" condoms ON lil Wayne in this picture??? LMAO

"Strapped Condoms are made from the finest quality of natural rubber latex. Our condoms are of a superior quality, as a result from a combination of the finest raw latex material and advanced latex manufacturing technology. With customized condom dipping machines and testing equipment which are designed specifically to meet our quality of standards."

"Our condoms are tested on an individual basis, which includes an electronic pinhole & burst test. This assures the confidence and reliability that our customers continue to rely on. In addition the packaging undergoes a pressure leakage test to ensure that each condom will be of utmost reliability and excellent quality."

“We are confident that you will enjoy an enhanced pleasure from our condoms.”

“So protect your self and STAY STRAPPED!”


Mike Belgrove said...

Don't know if you got one, but over at Highbrid Nation we got a cease and desist from Strapped Condoms telling us to take down the any ad with Lil Wayne, to never say anything bad about them again and to not even link to other sites with the ad. Of course we had a nice little laugh. Then we published the cease and desist and wrote an open letter to Strapped just to show the world how stupid they are.

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