Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Seattle's Filthy, Prostitute & Junkie Ridden Automated Public Toilets Now Available on eBay

After spending $5 million of the city's tax dollars on high-tech, self-cleaning public toilets and then watching them quickly devolve into disgusting havens for just about every urban deviance imaginable, the city of Seattle is trying to cut their losses by selling all five of them on eBay, where they can be yours for $89,000 each, discarded crack pipes not included......


“I’m not going to lie: I used to smoke crack in there,” said one homeless woman, Veronyka Cordner, nodding toward the toilet behind Pike Place Market. “But I won’t even go inside that thing now. It’s disgusting.”

Ebay Auction Link: Click! Click! Click!


Wendy said...

Maybe this is why in France your potty is timed... if you aren't out by the allotted time, the door slides open & exposes you to the public!

I thought that was stupid... but now I understand. We loved these things in Europe. Have you ever tried to find a public restroom in NYC??? I would have paid money for a restroom there.

Lou G. said...

Why would any pay 89k for nasty USED *PUBLIC* restrooms.

For that matter why would anyone pay $5 million for toilets that clean themselves. There are more reasons than just cleaning to pay someone to check on those things.

@wendy, timed bathrooms? That's very interesting...I will bet $5 that America will adopt a similar system in coming years. We need it.

The Fitness Diva said...

Hell, those look better than the port o potties we get up here in New York!

Big Cheekz said...

crazy. who would purchase these things and why, i wonder? where do you find these crazy stories?! LOL

BBC webhosting said...

how much is the real price of each toilet?
5 million dollar or 1 million dollar?!

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