Thursday, 10 April 2008

NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED! - Hanes "F*ggot, N*gger & Pak!*" Ad Campaign

Hanes, the underwear manufacterer has just released a new advertising campaign using the tag line “Because the world gives you enough tags", for thier new line of tagless comfort underwear.

So? Well the ad pictures are controversial to say the least! Using artistic depictions of "F*ggot" "N*gger" and "Pak!" (a demeaning name for people from Pakistan) with slogans and illustrations.
  • In Fagg*t, you see same-sex kissing, debauchery, toys, bottles of wine and references to beauty: lipstick, nail polish and makeup.
  • In Nigg*r, you see drugs, guns, jail cells, low-life jobs like cleaning toilets, and text about being HIV positive.
  • In Pak!, you see tanks, bullets, bombs and pigs (an anti-Islamic reference).

This ad campaign would never be permitting in Europe or the USA but it is up and running in Asia......your thoughts please people!

So would you wear a garment with this type of ad campaign? Would the posters offend you or put you off? Or would you take it all as a pinch of salt and not worry about the controversy? Maybe you would even just buy the underwear BECAUSE of the controvery?


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