Thursday, 10 April 2008

This is my wedding I'll do what I want!

A wedding day.....a beautiful day filled with confessions of eternal love, emotions and general good will. Loads to eat, more to drink and the prospect of meeting someone new! (Outside the bride and groom ofcourse).

9 times out of 10 Weddings are good, but I do hate the standard arrangement of things, the whole evening seems like one big rehearsed act and apart from the decor and the married couples mode of transport there normally isn't much to differentiate one Wedding from another.....that is set to change, watch this video very carefully!

This is how the first dance should be and this fun loving nature should continue thoughout the marriage.....this is sooo I want a wedding now someone get married and invite me please!

I really want to thank my far eastern cousins on this one, you did it BIG!


WTF? said...

Wahta cool couple! A real breath of fresh air!! Im gonna do this at my wedding....all i need now is a spouse! Anyone wanna get some dance practice in? LOL

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