Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Lauren is my girl but WTF!!??!!

I love Lauren Hill, I love her music, I love the somewhat horse nature of her voice, I love her word play, I truly love her as an artist. I think "The Miseducation of Lauren" is one of the greatest albums in all mankind, I can still listen to it from start to finish without skipping a single track...... I think she is a marvellous talent and even her recent (fairly recent) MTV Unplugged contribution was brilliant "Jerusalem" being my favourite track (all 8mins of it). So it troubles me to post this particular post, but I have to, because the question WHY? still persists.

There has been talk of Lauren not being psychologically stable (nonsense), she is a human like us all and we all have issues in our lives, she is just unfortunate enough to have made one of the greatest albums ever known and consequently been plagued with the expectation of an equal or better sequal. Don't worry about the world home girl do you!

What you are about to see will make some laugh, others cry and others just say "What the Funk"

I am one for the 'Eccletic' style and I think André 3000 pulls it off the best at the moment, what Lauren has done here has me shaking my head....if anyone has the full story behind her chosen attire and make up, please post in comments.....thanks.

Lauren do your thing!


WTF? said...

Wow....im shocked! what the hell is she wearing?? I heard rumours that her mental state was in turmoil.....see this article:


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