Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Philipino's on the Reggae???

In keeping with my previous Reggae orientated post Jewish Reggae.... Allow me to present Kutisbuwaya!
I'm proud of these guys they have done big things. Kutisbuwaya are from the Philippines and are a popular little band, they seem to like to do reggae covers and here is a good collection of their work.

Jacob Miller - Tenament Yard

Ini Kamoze- World of Reggae

Damien 'Jr Gong' Marley - Welcome to Jamrock

What do you think?
If anyone knows what Kutisbuwaya means please let us know!

Actually.....I just realised this post doesn't have a 'Why?'.......oh actually....the lead singer done 3 tracks by 3 different Rastas but yet only wore the wacky hat on the Damien Marley song.....Why? (I think I'm fishing a bit here)


bryan said...

hi!! im bryan the bassist of kutisbuwaya.. first, thanks for appreciating our music and style.. the name kutis buwaya is a tagalog word.. a language from philippines!! kutisbuwaya, in english, skin of a crocodile!! here's my addy: rbryn08@yahoo.com add my ym for more question.. and thanks!! hope you visit philippines and hear some hot island music here!! thanks!! and try our new line up!! youtube: "ayieman" thanks!! message me if you want to get a copy of our mp3s!!

bryan said...

hey.. or try this.. www.purevolume.com/ayieman..

bryan said...

haha.. he wear that jester hat because my brother (the drummer) just bought it earlier!! not to look funny or whatever!! ^_^

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