Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Ethnic 'Urban' lingo

For a long time slang or 'urban talk' to the uninitated, was a trend started and maintained by a certain class of society. In most cases it would be the youth of the streets that would give birth to new terms for commonly understood priciples, usually to confuse authoritarian figures, and deliver jokes or sinister messages outside the knowledge of the uneducated audience. However, there is a new trend hitting the streets, once scorned the 'foreigner' is now at the forefront of the 'Urban' 'slang' trend, may I introduce to you my favourite slang term of the moment ..........."Myke"

I know it doesn't sound like much right.....but check the meaning and origin and you will laugh Myke

Other comical terms:

P slap

Do a search for yourself.....kill some time


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