Saturday, 14 June 2008

3 year old Stripper in Training?

Well...this little girl is shaking her butt for the on-lookers, but what really turns my stomach is that they even "make it rain" on her.....this is just so inappropriate, its even difficult to hoping its just a cultural exchange that i don't understand?

Personally i find this video somewhat tragic, but thankfully towards the end it appears that her Father does not approve (why is he the only one?) and puts a stop to the "show".

I bet her mumma bought her these rediculous baby shoes when she was an infant:


(Sadly) Available here: Click! Click! Click!


Sarah :: English Grammar and Spelling Tips said...

Oh my god!

Any parent who buys their child those shoes deserves to be shot! Parents who buy these shoes don't deserve to be parents!

They are absolutely foul! My one year old rarely wears shoes. The best way for babies to learn to crawl and walk is to not have any shoes or socks on!

Those shoes would ruin a baby's feet forever!

Samsara said...

Just EC Dropping by... :)

That girl is cute as a button and is a really good belly dancer however...let's face it. In a culture like ours today...Any female who gyrates on the floor -like she did at the end - is a *stripper in training.* [I think that was picked up from hip hop as that is not a belly dancing move.]

She was better than the woman who was belly dancing at the restaurant we visited!

Angelika said...

The video won't play for me since I'm EC Dropping (I don't know why it does that just because I have 99 tabs open...) but those heels are ridiculous.


Some people are so stupid.

Carlos said...

I only got 20 seconds into the footage before I had to close it down. The little girl's parents have no morals what so ever. In my youth days I found it fascinating to see little girls dance with so much class. Now, I see a totally diverse side. An easy and quick means to make money, dirty old crusty men visualising for cheap thrills, drug and alcohol abuse could be a problem later on for her. I'm a father of one so there's no way on this earth I could condone in such acts.

Simple Simon said...

YES!!!! The future of stripping is safe....the YTS academy is still inducting youngens!

This is clearly wrong (but youngen got moves (some real strippers would do good to take heed) anyhoot its not a good for "making it rain" this is a tradition shared by many cultures, its acknowledgement of skill and prowess, normally associated with dancing....this act of 'spraying' money is quite evident all over Africa and is a good way to eat for a couple weeks (Showing normally in dollars or foreign currency)

The baby heels is sick (as in wrong, I might even wana question the designer/distributor....are they somewhat perverted.....child malestors maybe? Think about it) .....but truth is baby girl watches momma ALL THE TIME, so know that if you wearing heels she will want to also....and from what I hear its a fine art, walking competantly in heels that is......maybe starting early will make elegant walking in heels a secondary nature?

Who's side am I on?

Anonymous said...

The music sounded Indian or Pakistani, something similar. The culture is very, very different, but it's a real shame. I hate sexualisation of any child, whether it be by dancing or by wearing inappropriate shoes or other clothing. Thankfully, someone stopped the scene. The poor child looked confused/worried.

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