Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Your slice of pure Ghettoness: Man loses eye after being shot and replaces it with $100,000 DIAMOND!

Donald Pears also known by his stage name "The Last Mr. Bigg" (born 1971) is a rapper. He has released 2 major albums, under the Warlock/PCP Record label. His two albums are his first solo album "Only If U Knew" (the cover of which features Mr. Bigg or another person wearing a hockey mask) in 2000 and his second album "The Mask Is Off" in 2003. The album featured now-infamous rappers such as Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and Lil' Flip. Mr. Bigg has also released "The Clown Show Mixtape." Mr. Bigg was released from prison in 1998.

In 2004, Mr. Bigg was robbed and shot in his right eye while sitting in a car. He now wears a $100,000 diamond in place of his eye!

View his Myspace: Click! Click! Click!


BioTecK said...

That's crazy.. Now they're going to shot him because they want the diamond! :s

SoulBEAUTIFUL said...

Ghetto mess ain't the word. That's just a tragedy.

blubee said...

Does this mean he qualifies as a cut eye champ? Gives a whole new meaning to the term.

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