Thursday, 22 May 2008

BACON OVERLOAD!!! either love it or hate it.....some even condemn it to the depths of hell! But either way, i never really thought about the popularity of Bacon until i saw some of the weird and wonderful "Bacon" themed items available online......

Lets take a peek.......

1 - The Bacon Tuxedo

First up we have one of the most weird Bacon offerings! Not only does this suit have an all over Bacon print....get this! It is also BACON SCENTED.........!!! Its quite reasonably priced too at only $99/£50...go on you know you want one! You can wear it to the club.....LOL

FROM: Archie McPhee

2 - The Bacon Wallet

Here's a novel way to "bring home the Bacon".
FROM: Perpetual Kid

3 - Bacon Air Freshener

Love the smell of Bacon? Well now you can take the smell with you where ever you go!Hang it in your car, office, bathroom......bedroom?

FROM: Bacon&

4 - Bacon Plasters/Band-Aid

Put a Bacon strip over that boo-boo and it will be healed in half the time! LOL

FROM:Gifts for All

5 - Chocolate Covered Bacon

If you actually want to eat this i suggest you book yourself into the cardiac unit before hand! (and possibly the Mental Health unit too! LOL)

FROM:Kevins Tech Ramblings

6 - The Bacon Bra

This woman, a self confessed Bacon addict, made a bra out of Bacon then sat out in the sun until it "cooked"


7 - The Bacon Scarf

Want to wrap yourself in Bacon? Well i guess this is the healthiest way to do it....

FROM: ohGizmo!

8 - Bacon Salt

Because "Everything should taste like Bacon"

FROM: Bacon Salt

9 - Bacon Mints

Well the people over at AV Club actually tried these mints and the review is halarious!


10 - Bacon T-Shirts

Dress yourself in Bacon.....


11 - Bacon Cups

Edible decorative cups made of......Bacon

FROM: NotMartha

12 - Bacon Coffee

With the aroma of fresh Coffee, Maple Syrup and Smokey Bacon.......

FROM: Boca Java

13 - Bacon Vodka

FROM: Brownie Points

Last dregs:

Bacon Briefcase

Bacon Luggage Tags

Gummy Bacon

Phew! That was epic! Thats why i called the post "Bacon Overload"!

Lets finish off with a quick poll....


Melissa said...

That bacon tuxedo pretty much rocks my world.

Carlos said...

As a former Butcher it was mandatory that I know the various bacon types, streaky, smoked, smoked streaky, back bacon etc. I could have kissed the ground if someone told me chocolate covered bacon was on the production line and I decided to challenge it. I think I'd pay good money for someone to eat it. Just listening to their illsome tales would be worth every penny!

blubee said...

There are several knit and crochet bacon scarves to be seen...I think I may have to make one.See one at monstercrochet.
I admit to owning bacon (and egg) plasters!

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