Wednesday, 12 March 2008

And the best "cut-eye of death" goes to.......

LOL - Now heres a post that i really dont need to ask WHY (for a change)..........

I found this today and all i can say is THANK YOU LITTLE GIRL FOR MAKING MY WEDNESDAY BRIGHTER!

On the topic of cut-eye champions......i had to dig this one out of the archives - WHAT A CLASSIC!


Oh, in support of our cut-eye champions, click here for a Bush speech generator and feel free to send me your creations!! LOL'S

MAKE YOUR OWN BUSH SPEECH click! click! click!


Anonymous said...

Girl above: "I'm voting WTF are you doing here?"

Girl Below: "My mommy says you let our cousins in New Orleans die and you don't like black people, so WTF are you talking to me?

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