Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Game is sooooo WEIRD!

Ok I'm gonna get a little unsavoury this afternoon …..I read this a long time ago in an American magazine called Ozone (Groupie Confessions):


Ozone: How did you meet The Game?
Groupie: He stripped at this club I used to go to every weekend evening. I was like a regular and we talked and everything. And after the deal that made me attracted to him. So I decided to actually call the number he gave me and surprisingly it was still in service but he didn't answer. He called me back some months later and we hooked up to do what we do.

Ozone: How was he in bed?
Groupie: When it came down to it he was good. He was in and out my pussy and my ass. It was just wonderful. But he did some shit that creeped me the fuck out. Everytime he was about to bust a nut, he would scream, "I'M TRANSFORMING!" I didn't understand what the hell he was talking about until after we were finish and he wrapped himself up in the cover like a dumbass and said when he unwraps he'll be a butterfly. I didn't stick around to see if that would happen.

Ozone: Do you still talk to him?
Groupie: Hell no. And now that he has all the world on his ass I don't want to talk to him. He left a few messages on my phone though sayin, "Bitch You can Suck My Dick."

Then about a month later I saw this:


He promptly covered it up with this:

And tried to explain his actions here: click! Click! Click!


Anonymous said...

I normally shout "This is Sparta!"

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